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  • BCF Unico Splendor Maxi

    Hi all!!

    Interested in advice on a machine purchase if anyone has an opinion please?

    Have been planning on buying a VBM Domobar Junior or similar as an upgrade from my current single boiler.

    Recently saw a good deal on a Unico Splendor Maxi, which would be less to purchase then the domobar.

    I know the splendour is an old model, however my needs are relatively basic so thinking the splendour may do the trick for me?

    My needs are –

    • Home use
    • Usually just coffee for me/my partner (rarely would I need to cater for many people)
    • I do make milk coffees
    • Bench space isn’t really an issue

    Basically I just want to make the best shot my skills/machine/grinder will allow…

    Guessing they would both probably allow me to do that?

    I’m also interested in the pre-infusion option on the Splendour. Not sure if the VBM works in the same way or not.

    Also not sure I’ll ever want to temp control, as that might be getting too much into the detail for me, but could be swayed toward it if people think it is a good idea to get into.

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    Welcome "tobeanornottobean"...

    Can't go wrong with a Unico Splendor mate. Very well made and nice to look at as well...
    If you're buying used from an individual, it would pay to be able to see the machine operating and have a few shots pulled in front of you, some milk textured as well. If it does all this without hassles, then all should be pretty good to go as the internals of the machine are relatively simple and common to a lot of other higher echelon machinery...

    Do you already own a decent grinder? If not, you will need to factor this into the equation at some future point otherwise you will never be able to realise the full potential of the Splendor.



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      Make sure the deal is not too good to be true!

      Will you have warranty, will you have after sales service of the purchase from a proper business with an ABN?

      If the purchase is ebay or gumtree, consider if it will work.

      There are machine sellers and there are machine sellers.....

      Just some thoughts X


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        Thank you for the advice and kind welcome to the forum. The machine is from a well known/reputable dealer so hoping all the above concerns shouldn't be a factor.

        As for the grinder...feeling an upgrade from my current entry level workhorse. But to what?


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          Great thing about CS is the heap of info that is shared amongst members. I found a recent thread that touches on your interests.

          Post 10 is a very very good post with info for you.


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            That just about covers it gbg... Thx. Helps confirm my thinking.


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              Originally posted by tobeanornottobean View Post
              That just about covers it gbg... Thx. Helps confirm my thinking.
              Well pleased to read this. Going to await your report of the grinder purchase!

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