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Expobar minore modding

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  • Expobar minore modding

    Came across this today, it's not done on an expobar but it's pretty much the same

    Kostverlorenvaart: Espresso brew pressure profiling: dual OPV on the Rocket Giotto

    Thinking of giving it a crack on my old girl, spruce her up a bit Anyone done anything similar to theirs?

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    I'm more interested in that rocket t shirt!


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      Seems excessively labour intensive and whether the result in the cup would be worth modifying an already sufficient machine i think is debatable.

      Maybe if he posts verifiable results that indicate that the modification indeed increased the espresso quality then it could be worth a shot (hehe).

      Still a cool idea though.


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        I really doubt that any difference would be discernible using a double-blind study. It's just too basic an approach for the outcome being sought in my opinion...

        Far better outcomes in quality and consistency would be attainable just following all the basics that are often mentioned here. True pressure profiling that is likely to be discernible in the cup, requires appropriate hardware and software; or, a great Lever machine like one of the Izzo beauties for example...