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Water from group head is boiling

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  • Water from group head is boiling

    Hi there CS,

    I recently dismantled my old 2 group rancillo machine and gave all the metal parts a good descale. Nesesary on account of a large bottle of chocolate syrup up turning and coating the machine inside.
    Everything went as expected during rebuild.
    I replaced some gasgets and new group head seals.
    So my issue now is that the water seems way too hot coming out of the group heads. A fair bit of steam come out and it returns to what I would confided normal flow after its been flowing for around 40 seconds. I didn't adjust anything except a tap on the water inlet but it's full open so I doubt that is a factor.
    Is there an adjustment I can make to cool the hx?
    I thought maybe to push the water through faster?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Did you need to do a cooling flush previously ?


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      When you were cleaning and de-scaling, did you adjust or remove the boiler fill probe?
      If you did, did you put the boiler fill probe back in the same place? if it is higher or lower, it will adjust the pressure in the boiler and thus the temperature of the boiler. This can have a direct impact on the HX temperature.


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        Originally posted by cleanCup View Post
        Did you need to do a cooling flush previously ?
        Can you describe a cooling flush for me?


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          The water level probe is back in the same place as it was. Perhaps the pipe going to the indicator might be lower than it was. Although it went back together without any persuasion.


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            Originally posted by Khryss001 View Post
            Can you describe a cooling flush for me?
            A cooling flush is what we do on poorly configured machines which are in the main a good 10 years old.

            On your machine, probably it's probably required. Bottom line is that you can't make coffee with steam, so if you hear it, you reject it,

            With well configured contemporary gear, a cooling flush does not exist. Just rinse before and after you work.


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              Older Rancilios do generally seem to need a cooling flush - if the machine didn't need one before but now does, it may be that there was enough scale in the pipes between HX and head to act as a flow restrictor and keep the group temperatures a bit lower.