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VBM Domobar Super - dripping from underbody

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  • VBM Domobar Super - dripping from underbody

    We have 2x VBM Domobar Super Levers in our family both circa 2010.

    The machines are on opposite sides of the country and have developed an identical leak onto their respective benchtops.
    The water is ever so slowly leaking/dripping out of the hole for the power cable and weeping from the adjacent holes in the chassis.

    Unfortunately I live in remote WA and shipping for a service agent would be prohibitive, is this a common issue - and what parts do I need to order to rectify/ troubleshoot - where do I start?
    the small washers in the group head piston have been changed over the years, and the dripping from underneath has only been a problem recently we also use bottled water on the my machine in WA.


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    From your description it could be coming from a couple of places. It could even come from accidental spillage when you're filling the reservoir. You'd need to pull off the side panel to look where the leak is coming from. Doesn't sound like a common issue, it's odd that you've got two machines with similar issue.


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      Is it a continuous leak or just at startup? If it's just at startup it's probably just your anti-vac valves being a bit slow to close, in which case it's pretty normal and nothing to be too worried about.

      If it's continuous it could be the anti-vac valve is jammed.

      Pull the cover off and see where exactly the water is coming from that will help with diagnosis.


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        The leak only commences when extracting coffee. More of a leak when back flushing. I shall pull apart in the coming weeks to investigate further


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          Maybe your overpressure valve tube is loose or not sitting properly. If that's the case it's nothing serious. Check if you have two tubes leading into the water reservoir (you should have two silicone tubings)


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            Pulled the cover and it has a leak from where the braided hose joins the 90deg joint after the pump. Will try tightening that braided hose.