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$2000 coffee machine for home use

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  • $2000 coffee machine for home use

    Hello coffee lovers!

    I come here yet again, seeking some advice (or at least a starting point, seeing as I'm sure there will be a few opinions).

    I am looking to procure a semi-automatic espresso machine for home use (no more than 10 coffees a day) for Christmas, and am trying to identify what might be a good option. My budget is about $2000, not including a grinder (I currently have a Compak K3 Push which I'm happy with - for now anyway). The main things I am looking for is aesthetic appeal, and coffee quality. Texturing of milk is of slightly lesser importance, but naturally - bonus points if it's good at it.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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    Given your budget I'd recommend the Vibiemme Domobar Junior - It has a smaller footprint than many heat exchange machines.


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      Thanks Pretzal - looks pretty good


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        Agree with Pretzel, a vbm DJ and some money left for a grinder.... If you wanted to save some money, the NS Oscar would also be a good hx machine 1.8l boiler. No hot water however and may not meet the aesthetics. .. going up in value could get you an ecm or rocket giotto, cellini.


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          Without trying to hijack the thread (hopefully..) i'm in the same situation and wanting a machine in this price bracket (sub2k - 2.5k) which pulls and excellent espresso AND has high quality streaming function. Yeah i know, i want it all..

          - Ease of use would also be equally important. It is for my wife, who has experience commercial machines, and is focused on well textured milk. I like coffee short and black, so a true balancing act.
          - I have a mid-range grinder, which does a pretty good job (may need to step up at some point, but i'll address that once i nail the right brewing machine
          - I like to potential of the Bezzera Strega type machines, but interest if people think this would suit my wife long term with the work required.. I'm not convinced
          - I've been looking at the lelit range, and getting mixed feedback in the steaming. Really want the strength and dry steam to suit a quality microfoam (which i'll add, i may never achieve, but my wife wants to be able to replicate what she could achieve on the big commercial machines.)

          Finally, i'm not a coffee snob, so feel free to tell me i'm wasting money on these machines where are $1k budget would do. I love rich fully flavoured espresso, knock back a couple of piccolo and an espresso a day. The machine will work about 5-10 cups a day (family) (so i'm fully aware that the local cafe would be better value for money) I want something that will last many years, look like a coffee machine should, not too difficult to use (but happy to take time to master) reliable/consistent and (again) textured milk on par with the big machines.

          Whilst the search function is my best bet, i'm getting more options rather than narrowing the search, so if you're able to help me shorten the list i would be greatly appreciative!.



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            kpac you say under 2.5k that opens up the play quite a bit. A number HX machines sit just over that and may be close to it on sales. However, I think the prices will or have gone up due to the sagging dollar.


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              There's still a few nice pieces of kit out here for <$2k. E.g.:

              Diadema Unico Splendor


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                Originally posted by Barry O'Speedwagon View Post
                There's still a few nice pieces of kit out here for <$2k. E.g.:

                Diadema Unico Splendor
                Cheers Barry, I should point out i have no issue with trying to source something below 2k, that'd be great, but looking for a strong mix of steam and espresso ability.
                I'll check out the Splendor.


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                  Lelit Mara
                  Thoughts on steam arm compared to others in this bracket?