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Brasilia Cappuccino Del street find

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  • Brasilia Cappuccino Del street find

    Hi everyone. I've just picked up one of these machines off the side of the road and initial signs are good. There's a little bit of white fluffy corrosion at a couple of joints but overall things seem pretty tidy.
    Everything seems to work OK, cleaned up the level probe & reseated terminals on the 3 way valve to get auto fill happening. Adjusted the steam valve to get it sealing properly. Gave the hot water pipe a bit of a clean and it's working now, though flow probably could be better.
    Pulled a couple of sub-par shots due I think to the group seal being rock hard meaning fill and tamp are absolutely critical as there's no compression of the puck. But it works, and that's the main thing.
    I have a La Scala Butterfly which works well so I don't need another machine but the Brasilia just seems such a good project, especially with the crazy tube boiler that can be disassembled, (something I have no intention of doing at this point - it ain't broke.)
    I was hoping to appeal to the wisdom of the group on a couple of points:
    A couple of the fittings have corrosion and while I can move the nut relative to the fitting it doesn't want to turn relative to the copper pipe it's securing. I don't want to deform the pipe, so how does one go about freeing the nut on the pipe? I carefully applied some wd40 to the joint and am letting it sit, should I do anything else?
    Secondly, does anyone know how to set the shot volume on one of these. I tried holding down the stop button but that had no effect. There doesn't seem to be a little access panel on the control box as I saw suggested elsewhere. Anyone got any clues?
    if anyone's interested I can post a photo or two and updates.

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    Photos would be great. Love a good project.


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      Hmm, not the most intuitive way to share photos. Let's see if this works -


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        Excellent machine to come across on the footpath. Should make for a great project machine; even to the point that when you're finished, you'll probably want to hang on to it...



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          The little beast has one of these 4-way valves. Does anyone know which of the branches adjusts the brew pressure (OPV)?


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            Sorry, here's a link to the image -