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2008 Giotto Rocket Premium - service E61 or not?

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  • 2008 Giotto Rocket Premium - service E61 or not?

    Great machine still going no problems.
    Do I service the E61 group or leave well alone?
    I checked the mushroom - perfect - no scale or copper growth, wow!. Last descale around 18mths ago. I use soften water.
    Most of me says don't disturb it.
    It's resting in January before going to work in Febrary.

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    We recommend service every 12-18 months and always pull the group down. We:

    Check on group pistons for wear on the cam followers and perishing seals. Tidy up and repair/replace as required. check the lever cam for wear and polish/replace it if required, lubricate everything and replace lever cam seals if required. Check/lubricate pump microswitch.

    Cheers. Chris


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      Well I must be doing something right. The Rocket went in for its first E61 Group service this week at a local Service Centre (they sell commercial and also various Rockets). No major parts were replaced mainly cleaning and descaling of the group assembly. All back together, steam and pump pressure tested and ready to go. Reasonable service charge.
      I think the soften water we use may have helped as Perth water is very hard.


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        Good stuff dumiya. Like you I am in Perth and have the same machine about the same age as yours. Got mine from Chris at Talk Coffee and have been very happy.

        Feeding it filtered water is great insurance as Perth tap water is hard. I use the stuff that comes in the large bottles delivered to your door. I used to descale regularly whether it needed it or not. This is not recommended as Chris once pointed out that acid plus metal equals ? So I just check the mushroom regularly and that is my canary in the coal mine. If it's scaled up descale if not leave it alone. Oh and a clean with Cafetto espresso clean every few weeks.

        Other than that I rebuilt the group a few years ago replacing springs and valve assemblies etc. I also replaced the Sirai pressurestat recently. The old one was functioning only just so I just replaced it. The only other issue I have had is the machine has blown 3 pilot lamps. Maybe I have had power surges or am just unlucky.

        Like you I will put it in to a professional one day for a once over. These machines are rock solid and will deliver year in and year out with a bit of preventative maintenance and a professional service from time to time.


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          MeanzBeanz, I got mine from Chris as well. He has been a huge support. Well you have been lucky. I have had to replace the module a couple of times and the pressure gauge a couple of times. The gauge blocks up but it may have been through the descaling. I like you on the advice from Chris have stopped regular descaling and check the mushroom. This time it was as clean as a whistle, but the techs found some scale inside the group.
          I was surprised that the service centre did not use a service kit. I was warned that the pistons may need replacing. But it must have been okay.
          I agree that they are a rock solid machine. And look soooooo good!


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            My Giotto became incontinent! I found a puddle each time I used it. Initially I took it as an age thing (I should not jest). I removed some of the casing and found and photographed the drip. FWIW the plastic/nylon bypass valve just after the pump was leaking. It would not tighten so with photograph of the drip it went to be looked at. Dimittina found that the casing of the bypass valve had become brittle and had begun to split. (The float valve inlet on our toilet cistern did the same last month!!) They replaced it with a brass one. The cost was very good. So all up and running.


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              Problem of leaking still going on. But I was nicely told by my service folk not to expect Ye ol' Rocket to perform like a commercial.
              I made three double extractions straight off. Then when I started to steam the milk the boiler pressure zeroed and water came out. In amongst this water appeared under the unit. i stopped and waited and the boiler pressuer increased and soon I was steaming the six cups of milk with no problems. I did not think that 3 double extractions would cool the water that much in an HX machine. And why the pressure stayed up until I opened the steam valve. The next double shot was okay and I steamed the milk as normal, then the next double was okay with no water puddling. My fear is that the solenoid that opens for the boiler top up stayed open for the brew so cold water was being pumped into the boiler. This might then open the boiler opv to release pressure and so water came out.
              Going to experiment with slower extractions. Also if water comes out of the steam pipe again to see if the flow increases if I open the brew handle with a puck still in the group - which will point to a faulty solenoid. After an extraction I will vent some hot water to see if the water level is replenished as expected if not then the boiler is well over it correct level.
              I use this machine for a coffee time for folk at my work
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                But I was nicely told by my service folk not to expect Ye ol' Rocket to perform like a commercial.
                Think Andy may have different views about this...



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                  Please note I am opening a new thread on the (Giotto) Puddling, Premium,Problem