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Machine and Grinder for a short term gig in Perth

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  • Machine and Grinder for a short term gig in Perth

    I need a commercial espresso machine and grinder for the next year.

    Will be using it at different events/fates to raise money for charity.

    Needs to be relatively simple to use as many of my volunteers are not everyday barristers, although they all know the basics to make a good coffee.

    I have been looking on Gumtree, but I'm a little wary as I don't want to buy a dud.

    Any recommendations on where to get a machine and grinder which I should be able to sell for similar next year?

    Also if I get one on gumtree, any simple checks to look out for or service guys to do a quick look over.

    Don't really want to spend more than $1500 all up, and hopefully not lose too much when I sell it next year.


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    Hello doublege,

    My opinion, for what it's worth, sounds like an ideal situation to lease equipment. Furthermore, depending on the status of the charity you are representing that may possibly also be a claimable expense?

    Good luck with the charitable venture.


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      How many coffees do you expect to make per 30 minutes. If a lot then there you may need 15 a 20 amp power supply. You may need a two group machine. Your question is too open ended to give suggestions.


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        @ tai : likely be used 10 times between now and Jan 2017, so quite a few times I'd have to lease one, but I might check out pricing.

        @ dumiya : I estimate at some events probably 50 coffees every 30 min, and we would have 2 barristers. And most of the venues should have 15A GPOs. I guess the question is, is it safe to buy second hand commercial off gumtree, or are there better places to purchase?



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          You are asking for twin group full commercial machine that will work and a commercial grinder in working condition for $1500. I think you will be battling to find those at that price in a fully operational condition.