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  • IAG Model IKI6SE1


    Anyone have any info on these? They were being sold by IAG as an integrated coffee machine built in to a kitchen.

    From what I can discover, they were selling at $2k+.

    Now discontinued but I have a lead on a very reasonable one never installed.

    Manual is here:

    Would appreciate any input at all.

    Thanks and Regards


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    Does the price you were quoted include installation?
    I googled IAG and while the coffee machine doesn't rate a mention, other IAG products didn't rate highly. The fact that the coffee machines are discontinued would warn me off them. I then googled 'integrated coffee machine' and even the "respected" brands like Miele or Bosch failed to rate better than 3 stars (out of 5). CoffeeSnobs users will always encourage you to go for tried and trusted coffee equipment so I seriously doubt anyone will endorse this product.
    Have a look at this thread:


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      Thanks for your input flynnaus. I wouldn't have bothered at all but for the price (a bargain so good it could be a misprint) and the fact that I don't need installation.


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        Be careful about buying on price (the old adage about something too good to be true ...). Even if it only costs you a couple of hundred quid, that's money down the drain if the machine turns out to be a dud. Then there's the unanswered question of whether it can make good coffee (does it grind fine enough, does the coffee taste good, can it texture milk properly? )
        Do you know it is working (even if never installed before) and does it come with a reliable warranty?