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Upgrade path from Lelit Mara - reqs < $3000 width < 33cms

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  • Upgrade path from Lelit Mara - reqs < $3000 width < 33cms

    Got a case of upgrade-itis. No specific need to upgrade just interested in what my potential options are.

    I'm limited with space as my stand alone coffee station is quite narrow. I could comfortably cater for a machine that is up to 30cms. 33 would be absolute max.

    I'm tempted by the Rocket R58 but struggling to justify the spend.

    Given I have a decent HX in the Mara is there anything that could be recommended as an upgrade given my parameters?

    From what I can see there is the

    - Vibiemme Domobar Jnr
    --- however this has no cool touch steam wand

    - Expobar Minore IV
    -- Price is right and specs seem OK on paper but there must be a catch somewhere?
    -- Not sure if it has a cool touch wand?
    -- have been reading about issues with the steam wand struggling to keep up with the steam

    Giotto V3
    -- heading to the wider range for me. Width is at max
    -- priciest of the options

    Rocket Appartamento
    -- dimensions are good but got no idea if this will be a good machine. Need to hold off to see early reviews
    -- assuming based on what people are saying on the net the price will be < 3000

    Any other options?

    Any thoughts on the initial short list?

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    I guess if you could describe/detail your expectations of what you would consider to be the improvements you're looking for, then that might help us to help you in a more meaningful fashion...



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      Yeah as Mal said it'd be good to know which areas you're wanting to improve. I note that you have listed the Domobar Jnr as an upgrade over the Mara. From what I've seen and read this would be more of a sideways step when it comes to performance. The VBM probably only wins on build quality.


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        As above. You wouldn't gain a huge amount in capability, perhaps more refined/quiet operation with a rotary pump and brew temp adjustability with a dual boiler? Or aesthetics?

        Maybe a grinder upgrade will give you more in terms of flavour upgrade?



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          Originally posted by artman View Post
          Maybe a grinder upgrade will give you more in terms of flavour upgrade?
          Yep, what I was thinking, depending on what the OP is really looking for...



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            Thanks for the replies. Been away since my initial post so haven't been able to clarify.

            I need to be careful with what I say as ideally I'll be selling the machine here.

            I'm happy with the Mara but I primarily bought it due to size. Now I'm thinking maybe I should have spent some more money and considered machines that were a bit bigger. My choice initially was of 1. So now I'm thinking maybe I just bite the bullet and pay for a superior machine?? What does superior mean? Hard to quantify but I'd say something that
            - is easy to service
            - ideally would have a long life (my Silvia was a workhorse for many years). Very well made.
            - good temperature control between shots and steaming


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              Hi Nick,

              I think all but the Minore probably represent more of a cross-grade as only the Minore is a different architecture.

              For looks, I think the Appartamento has it nailed and I'm just imagining custom powdercoat contrasting with the white or brass...

              Perhaps it may be worth holding off to have a look at the Rocket prior to pulling the trigger on anything else?

              Rocket does really good build and great finish. I am expecting an impressive machine.


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                Thanks Chris, I am thinking down those lines. Either get the Appartamento or wait and bite the bullet and spend above my budget. Either way I am thinking I need to upgrade my Lelit PL044MMT grinder to a Macap M4D