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Expobar Minore IV heating elements

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  • Expobar Minore IV heating elements

    Managed to make it into a site sponsors shop after many months of net searching, (does the searching ever stop), He suggested that a beginner will struggle to get consistent shots from a HX machine due to the cooling flush required and that a dual boiler was the way to go, the Expobar was his recommendation.

    In doing some research and reading I see it has a 2000w element for each boiler, just wondering how the two heating elements are configured electrically, 2 x 2000w elements running together will draw around 15 to 16amps, but the specs on the machine are, single phase 10amps, so both 2000w elements can't be running at max together, maybe they don't run at the same time, does one boiler heat up first and then the other.

    The expobar wasn't on demo or as a display so wasn't unable to look at it, but from what I have read from other snobbers and reviewers people seem happy with their purchases and decisions.

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    Yes,only one element will heat at a time. The steam boiler heats first then the brew boiler.
    I have owned one for the last 7 years and have not had one issue with it.

    Once warmed up the boilers heating independently is no big deal as the brew boiler in the Minore is one of the largest in its class so it maintains temp stability in the brew boiler quite well. The only drawback is changing temps can take a while to have effect.

    I would also not discount a HX machine as all they need is a quick flush before your shot, and it is something that I also do with the minore to heat the water somewhat in the group before pulling a shot.


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      the cooling flush isnt needed in all hx machines. if its setup correctly its not required.

      i have found the e61 group very forgiving, i reckon part of it is due to the built in pre infusion.



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        Thanks Davie, I guess the electrician was coming out in me. Good to know you have had your minore for 7 trouble free years, you see a fee PIDS failing over time.

        Hi Artman, can I ask what machine you own.


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          I am perplexed by the cooling flush discussions.

          One of the reasons that I recently purchased an Expobar Leva (after 7 years with a Sunbeam 6910) was that most of the video tutorials that I saw specifically said that it doesn't need a cooling flush.

          I have never done it, and it works perfectly for me as is.

          I pull great shots and texture perfect foam (according to my very picky wife) at the same time all of the time on the Leva.

          It took me a couple of days to get used to the 3-hole steaming wand, but I have now nailed it.

          Great machine.


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            My current machine is an Alex Duetto II, can be left on all day and does not need a flush. Previous machine only needed a quick flush after being idle for an hour or two or more.

            You can tell if a flush is needed if you turn on the group (no PF) and the water spits/hisses instead of flowing nicely. Obviously that is boiling and above the required mid 95 degrees.

            A well calibrated machine will not need this cooling flush. If you buy from a reputable source this tuning should be checked before sale as part of the initial check prior to sale.



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              Originally posted by tonyh View Post
              He suggested that a beginner will struggle to get consistent shots from a HX machine due to the cooling flush required and that a dual boiler was the way to go, the Expobar was his recommendation.
              Nope- misinformation. As per the others, not on a well configured HX machine. Either your salesperson regurgitates 10YO out of date stuff he reads or he simply doesn't know. Perhaps his margin on the machine was larger than some of his other gear...

              Nothing wrong with the Minore, but you may not need dual boiler for your requirements.

              My advice? It may be worth shopping a little more widely.


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                The main purpose for my visit was to get a hands on feel and look at some of the machines, and get some good advice, yes I will continue shopping, and you may be right, maybe I do need to search a little further away from home.


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                  The Expobar Minore IV is a category killer - and my best seller.

                  Be quick if you want one as the distributer has a 10% wholesale price rise on 18 April 2016.... !!!