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ECM Giotto - tripping power board

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  • ECM Giotto - tripping power board

    I have an ECM Giotto that does on average probably 3-4 cups per day. My machine has started to intermittently trip the power board it is connected to. (HPM 10amp normal household power board with overload protection) I had a quick look inside the machine and it all looks clean and dry. (I tried to book the machine in to my preferred site sponsor -Talk Coffee - but they are full until April - they have however suggested the culprit may be the boiler element and/or the control board.)

    Ran the multimeter over the element - continuity ok and resistance circa 44.9 ohms. No idea of how to check any functions on the control board.

    Two questions arise:

    1. any ideas on what else a "non tech" ie myself can check to keep my machine going until booked in for service?
    2. as the issue is intermittent and manifests itself by tripping a resettable power board - any great issues with running the machine over easter?


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    Maybe plug it in direct to a socket and see if this trips the circuit?

    That would help isolate the fault, as it could conceivably be the powerboard.


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      Hello DRG,

      Most likely element or element relay on the control board.

      If it fires up and then fails relatively quickly, the element may be on the way out. If it tends to fail when hot, I'd be looking at the control board.

      We have closed service prior to Easter so that clients with machines being serviced can have an operating machine for Easter. We can probably have you operational (i.e squeeze in a repair) but service would have to wait until April.

      Give me a buzz if you still have issues.



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        Definitely test the unit plugged straight into a house hold GPO. I have had trouble with a power board with a faulty overload cut off.


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          Concur: go to a healthy power point. See if it trips your residential RCD.


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            Firstly - thanks Chris from Talking Coffee - I will give you a call.

            Originally posted by sprezzatura View Post
            Concur: go to a healthy power point. See if it trips your residential RCD.
            Thanks also to Herzog, dumiya and sprezzatura - I will try plugging directly into the wall socket (not that optimistic as I had already changed the power board and it tripped the new one as well, albeit not immediately)


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              Originally posted by DRG View Post
              Firstly - thanks Chris from Talking Coffee
              Just Talk Coffee will be fine.

              Not Talking Coffee, not "what was your website again?", not Coffee Talk, not "who are you?...

              Regardless, glad to help!
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                Chalk Toffee? [emoji12]