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  • Isomac Tea - service suggestions

    Hi All,

    I have an Isomac Tea II which has been great for approximately 8 years, the only part I've had to replace is the power switch.

    I plan on giving it a bit of an overhaul and could use some advice.

    - Steam valve seems to slacken as the machine cools. I'm in the routine of checking the valve is off before turning the machine on in the morning but I am worried about the potential for boiler contamination. Does this require a new valve or is there a seal?
    - I want to replace the silicone hoses and any plastic Y joiners.
    - I want to pull a plug from the boiler and check for any scale that has built up.

    Can you recommend any other parts to check / replace as routine?


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    There are lots of guides around for servicing , especially the e61 group. You can suss out condition of desks, spring scam etc. will also give you an idea of scale in the boiler once you pull mushroom off.

    I would take the valves apart and clean up, replace o rings and seals etc.

    Would be worthwhile checking brew pressure too.



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      Thanks Artman, I've had the handle and cams out before and all is clean but the brew valves and springs could be another story.

      I'll clean up the steam valve and see how it goes.