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Isomac mondiale drip

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  • Isomac mondiale drip

    Ive got a isomac mondiale with a plumb in kit. It has developed a constant drip from the tube that normally returns water to the water tank, this wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't plumbed in, but now it can overflow the tank.

    It has always had water coming out of it when the machine was running but not when the machine is just sitting there.

    If you look at the opv pic in this link

    Its not the tube coming from the opv, but the tube on the right that comes from the point just after the water inlet from the pump.

    Any ideas of causes and solutions?


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    would be helpful if i knew what this valve does, its no# 45, part no 000569 just marked "valve" on the mondiale diagram. Interestingly my pump pressure stays high after pulling a shot. I can realese the pressure with the e61 lever, if i release all the pressure the valve drips, if i keep the pressure above 3.5 bar no drip.


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      Looks like an expansion valve. This should drip. The other valve should be your OPV/bypass. Either way, one will be adjustable to increase/decrease pressure at group head if you have a reciprocating pump.


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        I need a Isomac drawing before I can tell you their functions - haven't worked on an Isomac yet.


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          You can route that drip line into your drip tray. Commercial machines drain expansion right into the drain cup under the tray.


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            I dont think im allowed to post a link to the parts diagram. Its not the opv outlet, i have adjusted the opv and the pressure is fine.

            I could route the drip to the drip tray but it drips all the time, ie when machine is on or not. It does stop dripping when i turn the water off to the machine. I do have a pressure limiting valve on the inlet even though the plumb in kit is rated to 15bars.

            What intrigues me is that it didnt drip before, and now I can stop it dripping if i dont release all the pressure after pulling a shot.


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              Sounds like a faulty sealing surface on an expansion valve to me then.


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                Seems the valve is called the "air bleeder valve"

                Isomac Tea -- No pressure in portafilter when hot - Page 2 -

                Is there a site sponsor that sells parts?


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                  Coffee Parts is a good start.


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                    didnt realise coffe parts was a sponsor, ive bought from them recently. They dont seem to list the entire isomac parts list on their website, I'll give them a call if i need the valve. Googling seems to indicate that i can use the machine without this valve if plumbed in, not sure yet though.


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                      You could also try Di Bartoli as they are a major Isomac specialist retailer and support these machines...



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                        +1 for Di Bartoli