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  • Unbelievable!!

    Hi all.
    I know this has been done to death....but Please understand! I have twisted the wife's arm and am ready to purchase. The VBM was my first look and started the looking and "Googling". Found the site and others, then the party started!!
    Rocket Evolzione
    Expobar Minore
    ECM T IV
    Profitec 700
    And now I see the ECM Synchronika.
    I had gotten to the point of an Expobar Minore R OR I love the look of the ECM T IV Rotary!! The old chestnut of HX vs Dual Boilers comes to mind and confuses myself a little. Between the 2 is there a huge difference or much of a muchness?
    Or save for the upcoming Synchronika?

    Thanks Greeny03

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    Sorry, also coming from a Jura J9, so I am moving up as a newbie


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      Hi Greeny03- Buying Guide- Espresso machines | Talk Coffee might help a little...

      Happy shopping!


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        If you want to vary brew temps for drinking espresso shots etc (you can fine tune shots with differing brew temps with a PID dual boiler).

        In short, if you're a milk based drinker, a HX may well be better value and more than enough, if you want to take it to the top end and science it right out, go a DB.

        A great grinder is s huge part of the puzzle too. FYI I love my ECM mechanika.


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          Or......a spring lever machine

          What's your rough budget Including grinder) Greeny03?


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            Usually the jump to the DB stops the dread upgraditis that attucks snobs with HX machines. A huge part of the equation is the budget. Brilliant HX $3k and under Great DB around $4k and under. There are some great cheaper ones..
            It is a case of diminishing returns. I love our R58 but my 8 year old Rocket premium produces really great lattes at work. Why did I get a DB, well, partly at the time I had the money to do it, so I did it. I have not suffered from buyer remorse (-yet!)


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              I am thinking the ECM or Minore R, and when it comes to the grinder I am looking at the M4D or Quamar 50


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                Both great machines and both great grinders. You can't go wrong.

                Keep in mind that a Minore Rotary has to be plumbed in. There's no tank water option.

                ......then it comes down to budget.

                The Minore is the bang for the buck winner - the no frills, reliable Holden.

                ECM is top of the line - the Porsche.

                (In my opinion)


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                  Expobar Minore IV (rotary) and Macap M4D I setup recently:


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                    Nice set up. Total cost?


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                      I'll send you a PM . Expobar have a 10% wholesale price rise on April 18 so you could be in luck