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Need Help - Minore, Giotto or Domobar Super

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  • Need Help - Minore, Giotto or Domobar Super


    Need help here.

    I have been researching about espresso machines for weeks. I currently own a Silvia and Rocky. They are nice but I think it's time for me to go to the next level. I am looking for a machine which can produce a cafe quality latte. Yes, I am a latte person.

    I initially set upon my eyes on a VBM Junior, but with a little extra money, I know that I could get an Expobar Minore, a DB machine. But I am still unsure if Minore is the most suitable unit for me. I have a couple of reasons for my doubts:

    1. I heard that the steam pressure is OK but not too powerful (if compared to other DB or high-end HX machines). Any comments from the real user about this myth are very much appreciated.

    2. I take the view (with very little knowledge that I have about DB machines) that DB machines are more difficult to maintain, especially when it comes to descaling. I live in Melbourne now where the water quality is very much. But in the next couple of months, I have to go back to my country where the water quality is not as great as here (hence, the need to descale arises). I read a posting here explaining that how a descaling of a Minore had turned into a disaster. Any views?

    On the bright side, I have seen lots of videos where people using Minore could produce a very excellent espresso with a very thick crema (and this is what i really want from an espresso machine). But for me, the two issues listed above are really a deal-breaker.

    Now I am considering choosing an HX machine. I think, please correct me if I am wrong, that I won't be having the two problems mentioned above if I use an HX machine. But again, is this correct?

    For HX machine, I am eyeing at Rocket Giotto PID or VBM Domobar Super. Any comments on these two choices? I am looking for a machine which can produce excellent espresso and milk froth. Longevity and durability are also my main concerns. And whether these HX machines are able to produce a very thick crema? From the videos I've seen, the crema produced by these HX machines are not as thick as crema produced by Minore.

    As to the grinder, my choice is either Mini Mazzer E or Macap M4D.

    I appreciate any comments from any of CS members.

    Thanks in advance.



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    Hi A-senk and welcome.

    Best you can possibly do is see for yourself and make your own judgements. There will be few if any members who have owned all three and perhaps a handful who have owned 2 of the 3. As such, you get honeymoon comments. It has to be the best because you chose it!

    Whilst we can't show you the Minore as we no longer stock it, we can get it if required.

    We have the VBM Domobar Junior and Rocket on our demo bench. There is no real world value in going to the Domobar Super unless you want it. In pretty much every respect other the boiler size, the Domobar Junior offers identical real world performance when compared to the Super.

    I struggle with the build of the Minore and still feel inclined to order a curried egg sanga every time I see that drip tray- but that's just a personal opinion.

    Any of the machines on your shortlist will do the job well. You're the one who needs to decide as it's you that has to live with your choice. All are robust and if well cared for, they will all last...

    Grinder? M4D and then a country mile to the Mazzer. Don't waste your hard earned unless one's for sale at fire sale prices.

    You may find Buying Guide- Espresso machines | Talk Coffee of use...


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      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your helpful comments and the welcoming notes. Before I strike Domobar Super off my list, isn't it true that a bigger boiler will produce a better espresso and milk froth? I read about this somewhere.

      In terms of my observation about Minore (or any other DB machines), is it correct (i.e. more difficult to maintain)? I saw your posts on the steam power of Minore, so I know your answer on this point.

      As to the look, this is my number 10 concerns. But I must admit that Giotto looks very good

      On the grinder, I thought that having a bigger burr (Mazzer) will do a better job than the smaller one. Any other grinder that I consider? I am sure that my Rocky will not be good enough for any of the machines I mentioned above.




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        Hi A-senk,

        Lots of web whispers in all of that...

        Perhaps you might save me an essay by giving me a buzz at your leisure. I'll run you through some pros and cons you might consider so as to allow you to choose the right gear for you- not the one some bloke might want to sell you.

        Domobar Super better than the Junior? Nope. Identical in performance. There is more steam, not steam pressure. Academic as you can only pull 2 shots and then texture for them. What you care about is can you pull 2 shots, texture the milk and is the machine ready by the time you're back to go again? The answer is yes, and I'll prove it real world for you. VBM wands- tricky to use when compared to the others but you'll forget about that in a week.

        There is no such thing as the perfect machine. By telling you what I don't like (and it's likely to be stuff you haven't even thought about), you will then have a better platform from which to leap into the correct choices for your circumstances.


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          Thanks a lot, Chris. Very well said.