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ECM Giotto strip down and descale

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  • ECM Giotto strip down and descale

    So I have pulled apart my ECM Giotto to descale it. I tried de scaling while it was together, but couldn't get all the crud out of the water. I hesitated for a few days, but after I got to the boiler I was glad I did. There were calcium deposits everywhere, it looked like the boiler was full of selleys gap filler.

    I have now been soaking the boiler and all the pipe for about 4 days now and it is surprising how stubborn this stuff is. Up until today I have been using clean machine descaler but this afternoon switched to a citric acid bath for the boiler only. The problem is, i can't seem to shift the last bit of scale from the corners of the boiler. I thought the rescaling solution was meant to liquify the scale, but it doesn't seem to work like that.

    I have a 1:5 ratio for the clean machine (1:10 recommended) for the boiler. The acid is about the same.

    I want to see the scale dissolve so that I know the places I can't reach have actually dissolved too eg : behind the HX tube.

    I want to get this baby back together, but I figure while it is apart I want to have clean as a whistle.

    Has anyone else had this problem with not being able to shift the scale?

    Not sure this photo below has worked, but if can see it you will notice it is the inside of the boiler looking from the element hole.

    Click image for larger version

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    G'day David...

    Welcome to CS mate....
    Don't know if what you're seeing there is actually scale. Looks more like some silver solder that has sweated through the joints and flowed out and about a bit. I'd be calling it quits at that to be honest...



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      Thanks Mal,

      I thought it may have been something like that too, but it does keep coming off and still chalky. Still as long as it doesn't keep flaking off, I think I will leave it and put it back together.

      Thanks for the reply.


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        Looks pretty clean to me. Nice work. Very nice


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          Alright, flushed everything out today and have assembled everything apart from connecting the wiring and the thermostat. I purposely left the thermostat till last because being such a small thread I didn't want to accidentally snap it off with an unwieldy spanner. A little over pre cautious perhaps, but I was so eager to turn it back on and see if it worked that I had a complete brain fart and snapped the damn thread!
          I need to order a new one, and hope I can get this existing thread out. Hopefully I can get a part before the weekend [emoji16].

          Photo of the reassembled machine, complete with snapped thermostat bolt.


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            Great work David. Thanks for sharing