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Best HX machine for around $2500

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  • Best HX machine for around $2500

    Hi there,

    We are currently in the market for a coffee machine. Previously we have had a Sunbeam Twin Thermoblock machine which was good for a while. Anyway, like most people on this site, we are looking to replicate the coffee from our favourite cafe and have therefore come to the conclusion that we need a HX machine plus a good grinder (will focus on the machine for the moment). There seem to be some great machines around at this price point however there does not seem to be stand out and it all comes down to look, size etc...

    We are considering the following:

    Profitec Pro 500
    Rocket Giotto PID V3
    Vibemme Domobar Junior

    i would appreciate any comments on the above or recommendations for any other machines which are stand outs which we have not considered.

    Thanks in advance. Any comments are appreciated.

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    Quote: Rocket Giotto PID V3
    I only know the Rocket Brand. I made 8 cups of stunning ristretto coffee this morning for a post yoga group using a V3.
    Got comments like the best coffee around, "sorry I have to run but I must have my coffee first".
    We also have a Rocket at home so we can enjoy coffee to nearly equal our "gun" local coffee place.
    (My 'ristretto' is a pull away at 20-25ml in a medium size coffee cup of micro foam 'jersey girl' milk. We use the same beans as our coffee place.)


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      I would also add ECM Mechanika/Technika into the shortlist. You could find the review of this machine in one of CS threads.

      Good luck!


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        Many thanks for your responses.


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          Hi Florence,

          We had a Sunbeam 6910 for 7 years, and I finally changed just because "Upgraditis" go to me :-)

          We bought an Expobar Leva, and are absolutely happy with its performance.

          The shots seem a bit richer (we still have the Sunbeam, so have compared them side-by-side), and the milk side takes a fraction of time with the Expobar.

          There was a short learning curve going to the Expobar's manic 3-hole steam wand tip, but we are as happy as pigs in poop now.

          We found it for $2,000.


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            +1 Lelit Mara


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              What did you like about the sunbeam? What didnt you like?


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                Welcome Florence,

                Best bet is to find a place (or speak with someone) who sells all or most of your shortlist and get some pros and cons as you have to live with the machine, not them. Your list of candidates indicates a budget closer to $3k than $2.5k though...

                For mine- and without pushing you beyond budget, I still feel the VBM offers best bang for buck <$2.5k, but other factors should be considered as well. The forthcoming Rocket Appartmento will also give this group a mighty shakeup in my opinion.

                All are reliable if well looked after and all will make great coffee, so it's a matter of comparing differences and then seeing which candidate offers the closest match of features to what you actually want. Do be mindful that many/most internet reviews come from owners- so of course they have to have the best machine- honeymoon period and all...

                Happy shopping.



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                  Re our old sunbeam - we could just never seem to replicate coffee to a cafe standard....

                  Are all of these machines the same in terms of repair costs, servicing etc...


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                    There are a number of valid reasons to upgrade to a different style of machine, but if the goal is a cafe style coffee in many cases the average person would be blown away by the quality of drink that you can achieve on a properly working twin thermoblock Sunbeam if you have the appropriate technique and high quality fresh beans. If your Sunbeam was in good working order and you could never produce a cafe standard drink that screams out to me that your best value next steps involve training and ensuring you are using fresh beans from a good roaster.