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Help - DELONGHI PRIMADONNA ELITE vs Miletto Caffeo Barista

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  • Help - DELONGHI PRIMADONNA ELITE vs Miletto Caffeo Barista

    Hi guys,

    Newbie to the forum. I'm looking at buying a coffee machine. Definitely after something Auto as I have never made a coffee, we'll a decent one anyway.

    After research I've narrowed it down to the two mentioned machines in the subject.

    Can anyone give me any pros and cons on these machines and are they worth the dollars.

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    Pros: None

    Cons: They make bad coffee.

    Are they worth the dollars? No

    Recommendation: steer clear of auto machines


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      Well great. Thanks for that lol.

      I just don't know if I can justify on the manual as I don't have experience making. Another thing is the constant cleaning.

      What can you recommend in a manual.


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        I don't think a manual requires more cleaning, probably less. Get a HX as they are fairly straight forward, with no special requirements.
        You have a very good selection in this price range. I have a Giotto Rocket V3. I am very happy with it. This model is close to your limit. But you also need a good grinder. It may be possible to get a HX and a good grinder within this price bracket.
        The forum guys will talk you through the brewing process.
        Ask more questions, we are passionate about coffee and are happy to answer questions.


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          An auto requires way more cleaning than a manual machine.

          The Elite is a great machine and as an automatic machine goes, it can make a nice coffee. The milk frothing is exceptional for an auto frother, better than any currently on the market I would say.

          Is it worth $3500? No.

          Miletta's are rebadged Krups machines with some fancy bodywork, I don't really rate them.

          Browse the forum a bit more and you will find a plethora of information regarding machines and grinders for your budget. With 2-3k to play with you have a choice of some great machines.


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            Welcome BlakeM84,

            If you do decide to pursue a better coffee Buying Guide- Espresso machines | Talk Coffee might assist.

            To see what the process looks like, you might like to have a look over How to get the best out of your Giotto | Talk Coffee




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              Rethinking your OP. For good coffee there is a learning curve. It is probably greater on an auto - if you want good coffee. The manual machines look a bit daunting I know. There are some fairly simple basic steps for manuals that lead to great tasting coffee. If you you look at manuals, my thoughts are to avoid what are called single boilers like Rancilio Silva, though cheaper they are more prone to barista error such as forgetting to refill the boiler after steaming. The Heat Exchange (HX) models automatically keep the boiler water level right. You can brew the coffee and warm the milk almost at the same time - depends on how many hands you have
              I suppose the base line would be is it all to complicated. If you are near a sponsor arrange to drop in and have a play. Demand they 'show' and not 'sell'. If you feel pushed be brave - walk away. Baby steps


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                So what is a good machine to go for around the 1k-2500k.
                Do you go inbuilt grinder or separate grinder?

                Problem I have found thus far is the shops I have spoken to just want to sell a brand or machine that they feel they need to get rid of.
                So its a bit confusing in which way to go


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                  Where are you located? See if you can find a local sponsor. Spend some time with them and they will help you find a machine and grinder that works for you. I'd also suggest grabbing some training in the package if you can through the sponsor. Will set you on the road to coffee glory in no time!

                  In Melbourne I have dealt with Chris at talk coffee extensively. he is great and totally unbiased when it comes to brands etc. his training is also very hands on and worth undertaking.

                  In Sydney I have dealt with coffeeparts and they are the same. Always happy to help a CS Member.

                  Good luck


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                    Thanks Lukemc, I am in Sydney so I will have a browse.


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                      Don't be scared of making a brew. I hadn't even touched a coffee machine until a couple of months ago when i bought a La Pavoni and MDF grinder second hand. Between the info and help you can get here and all the instructional vids around the net you'll be making great coffee in no time.
                      I have a friend with an expensive full auto machine, i've tried the coffee from it once... never again. You're almost better off getting the $1 deal at 7-11.


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                        I just spoke to brad at

                        He recommended the Lelita PL60 and the PL44MT package for approx. $2k.

                        Thoughts on the lelita?


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                          Lelita PL 60 I think is a double boiler - check this. If so for around $2k it sounds great. It also allows for a reasonable grinder. I am not sure what the package is, not sure what the grinder quality is.
                          I hope there are more comments


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                            Originally posted by BlakeM84 View Post
                            I just spoke to brad at

                            He recommended the Lelita PL60 and the PL44MT package for approx. $2k.

                            Thoughts on the lelita?
                            Excellent advice but you would be way better off to make some time available for hands on demos with the various machines they have on offer. Jetblack Espresso will look after you...



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                              There are at least 3 site sponsors in Sydney (Jetblack, DiBartoli and Coffee Parts). I've bought things from all 3 and have visited Jetblack in store. All are great to deal with and all worth looking at. With your budget you've got options and I'd recommend making a few comparisons.
                              I don't have any personal experience with Lelit espresso machines, but have used similar grinders. Lelit have a growing reputation and there's lots of happy new owners. What's the PL60? Is that the Mara or the Dual Boiler? I can't remember. Either way I'd trust the advice you get from Jetblack. As I said I've had a couple of grinders that are very similar to the Lelit one you mentioned. They are very capable, but I'd actually recommend a small flat burr grinder over the Lelit. The Compak K3 and Macap M2M seem to be the most recommended. I've had an Anfim KS in the past and was very happy with it so I'd add it to the list.

                              Other than that I echo everyone else's comments that recommend a basic prosumer machine over an auto. All of us were in the same position as you at some point so don't be put off. All the best. Oh, and welcome to Coffee Snobs.