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  • sunbaem porta filter

    I have a sun beam torino can anyone tell me if the sunbeam em7000 uses the same porta filter as I want to buy one and make a naked porta filter

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    Wow....They actually sold one?


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      Thanks Chris, just spat my coffee! 😂

      @goonba, it looks the same to me from just looking in store... but I think they fiddled with lug height etc even between batches of the same machine, so you'd need to test fit to be sure. They definitely made a naked for the EM6910 (which again looks identical to the 7000 to me).

      If you want to buy one new, your best bet would be to call the Sunbeam 1800 number or just google to find a couple of service agents and ask them. I believe retail was about $130 back in the day.

      That said, there should be heaps of spare 6910 spouted pfs floating around from dead machines, and they're easy enough to mod to naked, being chromed brass.


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        Yes they are the same. You can use a 6910 portafilter but the lug profile is different on the early models. Should all still fit though, just not maybe at 12 oclock but that doesn't matter if it's going to be naked.