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Second Hand Equipment Choices - Rocket E61 vs Vibiemme Domobar Super

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  • Second Hand Equipment Choices - Rocket E61 vs Vibiemme Domobar Super

    Hi All,

    I am based in Blenheim (South Island) New Zealand, and looking into a decent espresso machine. I have done a fair bit of research, and reading online, and have decided I want to purchase something that is of good quality and will last. I want a machine that is at minimum spec: an e61 HX machine with PID. I will mainly be using the machine for espressos, but will also be doing milky coffee's too. I would imagine that I will be making several drinks per day (2-3 minimum, but realistically average 4-5/day). My searching thus far has led me to three major options: Rocket, Vibiemme, Cuadra. Buying either of the first two brand new, is realistically more than I would like to spend ...$3500+ (depending on the make/model purchased), and then there is the grinder on top obviously (starting to get up in the $4-5K range). I was seriously interested in the Cuadra, and even went to have a look at one in Wellington last week while I was up there for the weekend. Nice machine (albeit not quite to the same quality spec of the other two mentioned brands - i.e. not being fully SS etc.), but the main thing to come out of it, is that it doesn't have the ability to be plumbed in. Ideally, not critically, I would like a machine that is able to be plumbed in. Revive coffee in Wellington do a great package deal: Commercial link removed per Site Posting Policy Special Offer - The Cuadra Espresso MachineCuadra Espresso Machine, New Zealand, $3K for a complete set-up, included is the NEW machine and a Mcap M2M grinder + accessories. I would be happy to spend $3K for all that brand new, but as mentioned, would prefer a machine with the ability to be plumbed in.

    This brings me to my second hand dilemma... Can people who have more knowledge on the topic than me please highlight the PRO's and CON's of the following options:

    Second hand 'Rocket E61' - Auction site link removed per Site Posting Policy Rocket E61 Coffee Machine | Trade Me
    details: 2005 model. Has been used in an office situation. Looks to be in tidy condition (from pictures). Recently serviced and had main board replaced. Auction starting at $900 with no reserve.

    Second hand 'Vibiemme Dmombar Super' - Auction site link removed per Site Posting Policy Vibiemme Domobar Super Espresso Coffee Machine | Trade Me details: 5-6 years old, private home use (by the looks). Again, appears to be in tidy condition, again - recently serviced. Auction starting at $1600 with no reserve OR BUY NOW $1950. (Note: the seller of this machine also has a Mazzer Mini for sale $500 start price - reserve not known).

    Can anyone shed any light on the internal specs of the Rocket? (rotory/vibe pump etc.?). Being an older model, I'm not too sure I've been looking at the right documents online. How does it compare spec wise to the Vibiemme? is the difference in age likely the main reason for price difference? Or is the Vibiemme really ~twice as good (performance wise) as the Rocket?

    I would have assumed (don't get me started on assumptions) that because both are regarded as "quality" machines, that age would not be a HUGE factor?? They should both 'last a lifetime' if well looked after and maintained properly, right?

    Sorry If I sound like a real novice, I just want to be sure I am making an informed decision, although many folk on here have forked out much more $ than I am planning on, I still see it as a significant investment, and it pays to get these things right from the outset (IMO).

    Answers to these questions, and any other advice deemed appropriate, would be greatly appreciated!

    Super Moderator
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