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VBM Portsfilter Handle

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  • VBM Portsfilter Handle

    Been getting frustrated with my portafilter handle. It turns around and the rubber has perished around it. I actually pulled the rubber off this morning and it is like a skin over hard plastic. The hard plastic is cracked and the rubber is all runny inside like treacle.

    Not sure if I'm explaining this properly!

    Anyway, if I look on Ebay for portafilter handles, I see M10 and M12 sizes - does anyone know which size I would get for a VBM?

    I assume the plastic comes off and it's threaded..???

    Picture attached.
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    Put the handle in a vice or use vice-grips and turn it off the bolt in an anti-clockwise direction. Then measure the bolt diameter using a pair of calipers. Best way to avoid ordering the wrong diameter


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      Thanks - yeah I got it off and it's 10mm so an M10. Thanks.