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Vibiemme domobar super lever pop noise.

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  • Vibiemme domobar super lever pop noise.

    Hey Guys,
    Just wondering if any one know of what may have happened. I was heating up my machine when there was a pop noise and the safety switch flipped. When I took the top off my machine there was water everywhere.
    I havent been game enough to turn it on again. Has any one had this happen before?
    Thanks so much

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    Sounds like the Safety Valve operated Karen...

    More than likely, there will be an issue with the Pressurestat which will require a visit to a reputable specialist service centre/repairer. Your nearest Site Sponsor should be able to arrange this for you...



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      Thanks. I live in Karratha, so it means a little 1600km trip. Would be awesome if it was a drop off job!


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        Alternately, if it was an electrical pop rather than an explosive release of steam as you'd get with a dead pressurestat, look for overfiill.

        It will likely either be caused by water which is too pure so that the the machine is unable to sense the presence of water in the boiler or a scaled boiler probe. Excess water released through the anti-vac valve on heatup then has a chat with 240V.

        Clean the boiler probe and then fire it up with the water valve open until such time as it drinks- and see how you go from there...
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          Any luck Karen...