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    Just wondering if there's any site sponsors I can get in touch with regarding some electrical questions for my rancilio s20de

    Melbourne based preferred

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    Contact Rick maybe? Site sponsor


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      Perhaps I would have thought the sensible/normal thing to do would be to either book a machine in for service, or if it's too large/inconvenient, then arrange for one of the espresso machine service technicians to attend the site.
      Just like any professional service industry, the people with the skills deserve to earn a living. Try calling a doctor, lawyer or accountant for advice - they will ask you to make an appointment.
      DIY electrical is not an area most professionals will typically support - you may need to prepare yourself for a deafening silence.


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        Metal bandit I'm actually wanting to take a machine to a sponsor no mention of diy
        Thanks for that lukemc


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          The best way to find out which Site Sponsors have what you want is to use the Quote Form link found at the top of every page. Doing so will send your message/request to all of the Site Sponsors at once and those with what you are looking for will respond directly to you.

          Java "Links 'R Us" phile
          Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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            Ah I only use tapatalk so I didn't see that will give it a go