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Giotto lever popping open

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  • Giotto lever popping open

    Hi. The lever on my Giotto r58 is popping open. Especially after a pour. It will stay down after a few goes. Not opening far enough to start the pump but sits in 'neutral'. Is it ok to leave the machine like this? How can I fix it?? Any suggestions?

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    Similar problem to me. Backflushing without and with Cafetto helps but may not be a cure. A video of how to diassemble and inspect for possible culprits:


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      Thanks. Did you sort it out?? Back flushing with cafetto didn't seem to make a difference.


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        I have ordered new seals from coffeeparts, when they arrive I will be doing the video thing, sometime this week... hopefully.


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          I had this issue with my r58 a few years back. It was returned to the importer and they changed a part inside the head. Maybe the cam? Under warranty.


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            Originally posted by PeteSzad
            This is why I crossed the R58 off my next machine list. A seller told me the R58 has a different head to the Rocket Giotto.
            Geez I read some really weird and factually suss information here sometimes.

            For any potential purchaser considering an R58 or any other e-61 machine for that matter, please ignore this thread. The issue described can happen in any e-61 machine and is easily attended to.

            Crackers, if you refer the issue to your place of purchase, they should be able to rectify it in 5 minutes.


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              Thank you, Chris, for timely clarity. The R58 is the most fantastic machine. A joy and pleasure to work with. Oh, and it also makes awesome coffee.