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Leaking Brew Pressure Release Valve

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  • Leaking Brew Pressure Release Valve

    I have a Domus Galatea (not plumbed in) and the Brew Pressure Release valve is constantly dripping when brewing, quite a lot at times.
    After about 10 brews my drip tray is full of water so not ideal. I expect this also means that the pressure I'm getting into my brew is lower than it would otherwise be as im losing probably 20% of the flow to this valve.
    I regularly backflush (daily usually) and clean once a week/fortnight. I figure something is inside this part of the machine causing the leak.
    Is this is the sort of thing I can clean myself ? Anyone know of a good "how to" guide ?

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    You mean leaking out of the exhaust port in the E61 group? There are seals in there that go hard with time and stop sealing. Sounds like a group service is due. You could DIY if you are that way inclined or get it services at one of the sponsors.



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      Yes I guess so, I trawled the internet to find out what it's called and that's what I found. Its the valve that lets the water/pressure out when you've finished pulling a shot so that you can remove the basket without being sprayed with hot water and coffee entrails. The problem actually started with the "exhaust" actually NOT exhausting and so when I removed the basket water/coffee went everywhere. That happened on and off for a couple of weeks, tried to clean it/backflush it repeatedly and that seemed to help, and now I just have the leak.

      I will service if need be, but was hoping it might be a disassemble - remove stray coffee causing leak and then re-assemble job.


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        It sounds like a service job. You should be able to get all the seals & bits from sponsor Coffee Parts, and they are not that expensive. But it is a reasonable sized job, and finding all the right part numbers can be a little tricky.
        But if you are DIY minded, you can strip it down for a look (and even reverse some washers as a temporary fix if you're feeling dodgy!). I've done it a couple of times on my Diadema while ordering new ones when I've see which need replacing…
        Cheers Matt


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          Leaking Brew Pressure Release Valve

          As above, many excellent guides online you can follow if you go the DIY route.

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            Got to be careful though, as there are several manufacturers of E-61 Groups and they are not all the same internally. Consequently, it's not a case of one set of parts fits all. A chat to Pablo at Coffee Parts first before ordering would be a good idea...