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    Hi All,

    As this is my first post I'll quickly introduce myself..
    I decided about a month ago that i would get a coffee machine for home, initially i was simply going to get a Breville unit, however I love to research, and i soon found this forum and have been enjoying reading the huge amount on information you all share here. Now here we are a couple of weeks later and I've decided that the Profitec pro 500 is the machine for me. I'm amazed at the build quality, however as this is stretching my budget I want to be sure I'm making the right decision for us and there is one question in the back of my mind which i was hoping someone may be able to share their thoughts on.

    I understand the Pro 500 is a HX machine and for the most part it will be used for milk based drinks but i also enjoy the odd espresso (1 or 2 a week). So my question is.. will this machine still produce a decent espresso even though its not a dual boiler?.. I know this probably sounds like a stupid question and I'm thinking it will more than likely be fine, but its a big purchase so I thought I'd just put it out there!

    I enjoy my coffee but i couldn't see myself adjusting a PID if i had one or getting that technical with the whole process. I also liked the simplicity of the engineering in a HX machine. I love what i see in the Profitec machines.. and the price jump to the Pro 700 doesn't seem justified in my situation for the odd espresso.

    I should also note that i looked at the Profitec 300 but i still kept coming back to the 500. There's something about the styling of the Profitec 300 that doesn't appeal to me and the small boilers.

    I'd really appreciate any feedback if anyone has had any experience with the Pro 500 machine.

    Thank you

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    This time last year I followed a very similar line of investigation, I bought an ECM equivalent to the Profitec 500. Not an ounce of regret despite stretching the budget. You'll love it


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      Thanks readeral I remember reading your post about your initial purchase. It was very helpful. And yes I think I just needed to hear what I already knew!
      Can I ask what grinder you ended up with?


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        No worries brono77. I ended up with a Profitec T64. It's great. I haven't owned any other grinders so can't compare for you, but it's a good match. A bit costly, but worth saving up for IMO. Took me a further 6 months before I could buy it. I have a review on it too on this site.


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          If you're in Sydney, go see JetBlack. Or wherever you are, go see a sponsor sooner rather than later. Let them pull you some shots on the machines and taste for yourself. It'll help.


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            Hi brono77.
            I own a Profitec Pro 500 and love it! Bought it from site sponser Di Bartoli, also in Sydney. They were great to deal with. Upgraded from Breville BES 900 dual boiler about 12 months ago.
            Lack of PID is not an issue for the average snob.
            As readeral said, try to get to a site sponser if reasonably close. It will be well worth the effort and will put your mind at ease.
            Good luck with the purchase.


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              Congratulations on the purchase brono77.
              I totally get why you would want to buy locally. I was going down the same path myself until the local guy back flipped on a commitment he gave me when I purchased a new grinder from him some months before the espresso machine.
              Fortunately for me I am within a reasonable drive to Sydney and so I was happy to make the trip down.
              On this site we are very fortunate to have a number of really helpful sponsers and I wouldn't hesitate to contact any one of them.
              Am looking forward to hearing your impressions of the Pro 500.


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                I was originally leaning towards a Rocket machine, This would be a nice way to get a bit of both..


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                  Originally posted by RiverDixon View Post

                  I was originally leaning towards a Rocket machine, This would be a nice way to get a bit of both..
                  Sounds like a winning combination to me! Let us know what you end of with and post a pic or two.


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                    Originally posted by ScottyF
                    The Rocket Fausto looks nice with a Profitec. Just saying...

                    I got some advice that accessing the burrs for cleaning and replacement was potentially tricky on the T64.
                    You remove the micrometric gear (about a minute) and then the top burr carrier (allow another minute to be on the safe side). And voila, as if by magic, you have access to both burrs. Perhaps the guy giving you advice was planning to do it via the bottom of the grinder?

                    Originally posted by ScottyF
                    The Fausto has some real speed to it.
                    Indeed, but the Pro T64 is faster. (eg grinding 21 grams for a 30 second double shot we had our demo grinders set as follows: 10.5 seconds on the Fausto versus 7.5 on the Pro T64).

                    Originally posted by ScottyF
                    It's super accurate of putting coffee into the centre of the basket.

                    I went with black, but there is a chrome version as well.

                    I'm really happy with my decision to buy the Pro 700.


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                      That should probably read "Spouse"...
                      There are some very snobby female CSers here too you know.



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                        Hi All,

                        It's been about a month now since getting myself the pro500 which I paired with a quamar Q50 so I thought I'd just give a quick update incase anyone was in a similar position to me when I was researching.
                        As I've said before I can't compare this equipment to other machines so this is just an opinion from a novice with no prior experience with any coffee machines.
                        Firstly I have to say I'm very very happy with my purchase. I admit I did a fair amount of research on the equipment and the art of making great espresso before I got my hands on it but I always had a small fear that I may not be able to produce decent espresso. I was surprised and very happy how quickly I was able to start pulling great shots.

                        I was also concerned that the 4 hole steam tip might take a Lot of practice to get under control as it produces a lot of steam, and I must admit, it was a little tricky at first but I can now produce excellent microfoam and in what I would consider a very short time frame (I haven't timed it but I would say about 30 seconds for 2 cups)

                        The built quality on the pro500 is everything I expected of a high end machine. It's a work of art and looks great in the kitchen!

                        The Q50 has also been great. Don't expect the same build quality as the pro 500 in some areas but your not paying a high end price for this grinder either. Overall I'm very happy with it. It's quiet. It was very easy to dial in and I find it more than fast enough to grind a double shot. I started off weighing my shots but I soon was able to judge it by eye and to be honest I just want to enjoy the process in a relaxed fashion. I remember reading so much about grind retention and speed and timed dosing and noise levels in regard to grinders and in hindsight most of the things I was concerned about when researching turned out to be a non issue for home use. In my opinion the q50 is more than enough of a machine for someone like me and home use. Although at the end of the day I would suggest speaking to the site sponsors that contribute on this forum. They are very knowledgable, and yes it is their business to sell you equipment, but with the open and clear contributions everyone makes on this forum it would be soon obvious if their customers were not happy.

                        All in all I wish I had done this years ago. It seemed like a daunting task getting a manual machine but in the end it's been very easy to get the hang of it and I developed a routine with the machine and the whole process pretty quickly.

                        And most importantly the coffee is absolutely amazing!


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                          Thanks for giving us feedback about your purchase of the Pro 500. The Quamar seems to be a very good grinder at its price point. A pic or two of your set up down the track would be nice to see.




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                            Hi again Brono77
                            Great to hear that the Pro500 has lived up to your expectations.
                            This brand is building up quite a good reputation.
                            When I purchased mine, there wasn't a lot being said about them on this site, so it's feedback like yours together with my own happy experience, that gives me confidence in recommending this machine to those looking for buying advice in this category.


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                              Hi Brono77
                              Where in Perth did you find the Profitec? And did the dealer explain the machine or demo it?
                              Thanks Johnd