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2nd hand purchase - Magister Stella

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  • 2nd hand purchase - Magister Stella

    Hi all,

    i picked up a 2010 Magister Stella from ebay recently. I was fully aware that this is not a well supported machine but chose to go ahead anyway as the price was very reasonable and i wanted a little project to work on. This is my first e61 and first hx machine.

    SO the issues i knew about were;

    1. steam valve not working - turned out to be an e clip had come off the knob. so i easily fixed this
    2. a pin hole leak in the tube from the pump to the inlet - i think i have fixed this with self sealing silicone tape. an alternative fix would be to find a hose with 1/4inch bsp fittings if necessary (i think)
    3. as a result of the leak above and not having it looked at there may be a small amount of rust at the base of the unit -structurally seems fine and i would like to treat the rust if necessary to stop it spreading.
    4. the group head is pretty filthy actually the whole machine is not been cleaned but i figure i can clean everything

    other than these things, the machine is running fine and actually produced a reasonable shot. steam pressure is good. last service was 2 years.

    my plans is also to descale and also service the whole head - changing gaskets, lubing, springs etc.

    thought i'd just ask
    1. anyone have more info on this machine? and possible source of parts for it?
    2. i was planning on getting gaskets from coffeeparts and obviously i cant choose from the menu parts for a magister but wondering if there is another on the menu that would be the same. (i read that e61 is similar parts but then conflicting info that not all e61 parts are the same)
    3. should i descale? ive attached a photo of the mushroom and from what i remember reading it would be considered not that scaly. im just worried it will mean trouble with scale blocking some pipe or guage if i do descale etc.
    4. as i said the group head was very grotty (i watched the seller pull a shot and there was no after care - only a wipe with a cloth, no blind filter /backflushetc) any suggestions on what to use and how to get it nice and clean? (caffetto evo organic?) the shower screen was gross and i pulled the seal out as well. i'll replace both with new.
    5. Any hints on cleaning stainless steel casing and chrome parts?

    thanks in advance,

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