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Oracle BES980 Timer Changed to 20 Minutes

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  • Oracle BES980 Timer Changed to 20 Minutes

    I have had a series of problems with my BES980, but the most recent repair resulted in a software update which means that my machine will now only stay on for a maximum of 20 minutes (if it powers up at 6am, it will shut down at 6:20am unless I have made a coffee, and powers down 20 minutes after that).

    The machine takes 4-5 minutes to heat up from cold and then probably another 5 minutes beyond that before I get any decent steam from the wand. Breville have told me the software update is mandatory based on changes to the legislation, however they were not willing to tell me what legislation had changed or how why they were doing this to existing machines.

    The 3hr timer was the ONLY reason I paid out another $1200 (now $1500) over the BES870. I have (this morning) written to the National Service Manager but was keen to hear others thoughts on the matter.

    The conspiracy theorist in me suspects the shorter shut-off might be something other than environmental legislation (possibly duty cycle or design limitations?), based on the software change being done to existing machines (i.e. sold before their supposed legislation change).


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    That extremely annoying limitation was one of the final nails in the coffin for me and Breville espresso. The only way that the updated Brevilles are any good now is with a woodpecker toy in front of them constantly tapping a button to keep them on....😉