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  • ECM or Rocket Hx


    I have spent some time reading the posts on the two machines I have narrowed my search down to. But just can't decide.

    ECM T IV Profi rotary
    Rocket Giotto PID v3

    is the PID necessary????

    I do do like the lever on the ECM and the ability to plumb it in.

    Probably just need a kick for one or the other.

    Thanks guys/girls.

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    My 2c fwiw, I've just forked out for the ECM. They are both excellent machines, I got to play with both and found them easy to use. The deciding factors were the option to plumb and the styling of the ECM. I'm not sure of the need for a PID on a Hx instead of a pressurestat, not sure whether it would be used much especially given where it is located on the Rocket.


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      If you want comparable machines you should look at the rocket evoluzione. This also has a rotary pump. Out of the two you mentioned, go with ecm for build quality, rotary pump and plumb in option.


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        I agree that the logical Rocket machine to evaluate is the Giotto Evoluzione as it's the rotary pump, plumbable model- also with build quality.

        My take on this is that you'll likely be happy with either machine as both are beautifully manufactured and the coffee from them will be great as well.

        It's the slight differences between them which will allow you to decide which you prefer and only you can choose as ultimately it's you who will be living with your choice.

        Happy shopping times...


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          I figured the V2 was the comparable model, something threw me when I was looking into that model.

          Thanks guys.


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            Evo and Technika are both great machines. See if you can see both and try them out.
            Cheers, Paul