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How to identify a "Giotto"

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  • How to identify a "Giotto"

    Hi all, I have been looking for a Giotto semi seriously for a while, trying to justify outlaying the dollars.
    I know there have been different "builders" over time, and also different "versions"
    The machine I'm looking at now has a front and rear badge saying "Giotto made in Italy" front and back, with a single round pressure gauge, and built in 2009.
    From the serial number label it's stated it's manufacturer is Rocket, but how do I tell if this is a premium, premium plus, V2, V2 etc ?
    Thanks in advance, Aaron
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    Hi Aaron,

    Single round white gauge = Premium Plus.


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      Yes, definitely a Premium Plus v1. Apart from the 2009 build date, the ECM Giotto Premium has a semicircular gauge, the Premium Plus v2 and v3 have two gauges.
      How much does the seller want?


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        Thanks for the replies.
        The seller is offering a package if Rocket Giotto premium plus, 2009 build, and a Mazzer Mini automatic(doser?) for 2100 neg.
        Only thing is I don't want a doser grinder and he's unwilling to split the package at this stage.
        Cheers Aaron


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          Overpriced IMHO. Factor $1200-1500 on the machine and $500 max on the grinder.


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            That's what my initial thoughts were as well Chris. Even though it's local, I didn't get to the "neg" stage as he doesn't want to split.
            I'll just keep looking and something local might pop up.
            Appreciate any leads too.
            Cheers Aaron