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ECM Giotto losing steam pressure

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  • ECM Giotto losing steam pressure

    Hi all,
    I have a ECM Giotto approx 12 years old which I've owned for approx 6 months. Overall machine serving me very well, but recently noticing the steam pressure is not what it used to be. When I first got it as reconditioned machine from site sponsor, it was the "steaming monster" some describe them as, would steam a 600ml jug hardly dropping below 0.9 bar.
    But now it often drops down to 0.5/0.6bar by end of a 600ml jug, and sometimes even refills the boiler halfway through (which of course kills your pressure even more with the inrush of cold water ).
    So far I've checked:
    Steam leaks from boiler: none that I can observe from any of the fittings on/around the boiler.
    Pressurestat: operating fine, on at ~1.1 bar, off at 1.2-3 bar.
    Water level probe : Checked for calc, all clean (checked in case boiler filling with too much water but doesn't seem to be )

    I'm out of ideas as to why the performance has dropped, if anyone has suggestions as to what else I could check it would be much appreciated!

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    Hi Dan,

    Check for scale/obstructions in the plumbing run from boiler to steam tip


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      Originally posted by Talk_Coffee View Post
      Hi Dan,

      Check for scale/obstructions in the plumbing run from boiler to steam tip
      If there was an obstruction in the piping from boiler to wand, I cant see why it would result in low boiler pressure whilst steaming?

      Rather, it suggests the steam mass/volume is low at the onset of steaming, resulting in a more rapid fall in pressure when mass is removed during steaming.

      Perhaps worth looking at the liquid level again? Or, perhaps the boiler is full of scale...


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        Agree Mr.Jack...

        Does sound like a volume restriction with the boiler, what ever the cause...