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Bezzera Domus Galatea, seven years on.

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  • Bezzera Domus Galatea, seven years on.

    Coincidentally, after the argy-bargy in the other thread re manufacturers, I realised my Bezzera had just seen its 7th trouble free year of service.

    Well, almost trouble free, in June I had it serviced by Complete Cafe Services, Adelaide, they found the vac valve was not sealing, replaced high heat o ring, check boiler pressure and inspect for leaks, run and test operation, all OK, total cost $90.42.

    Still following the regime of weekly backflush with Cafetto EVO and three monthly descale with Cafetto Restore.

    So all up including cost of service, the machine has cost me the grand total of $1.15 per day and is still going strong, yes, the coffee is as good as ever it was, and I'm still a happy camper.
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    Still miss mine, great looks (subjective) and awesome build (less group flex then Duetto II for example).

    By the time you factor in potential resale it would be even less $/day.