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BFC/Diadema Junior Low water alarm/shutoff not working

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  • BFC/Diadema Junior Low water alarm/shutoff not working

    Hi folks,

    I have recently discovered that the low water alarm/shutoff on my 7 yr old Diadema Junior Semi-Automatic is not working properly. When the water level in the tank gets really low, It does not shut off the pump at all. I opened up the machine to find out what could be broken inside, On my other HX machines I used to own the water tank sits on top of a spring-activated switch which turns off the pump on low water. Whilst the Diadema has a Gicar sensor/controller under the tank which I am not very sure how it works. And only 2 connectors on the Gicar are connected. There are 2 dangling wires from the main controller (Auto fill?) that are not connected to anything. Not sure if they are left like that by the manufacturer or had been modded by the ex-owner.

    I have attached the photos as follows. thanks for your attention.

    Click image for larger version

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    Just been doing some web checking on my Unico Splendor (diadema) and there were a couple of comments on auto shut off inconsistent in one and never worked in another.

    I just fill mine every morning regardless and never had a problem. You may be making more than our 4 -10 per day. I have had mine for 8 years. Great machine.


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      Dodgy. Either a rubbish tech or the previous owner has disabled the tank microswitch- presumably because the machine had been overfilled and galvanic corrosion did the rest to the switch. In theory, all that would need to be replaced is the microswitch.