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  • Originally posted by david.monagle View Post
    Interesting, I was assuming that we would get access closer to the time that the machine actually shipped. John, is it possible for me to also get access now? I think I’ve read every thread and every mention on coffee snobs and home barista and would love to continue reading up before I get my machine.
    David, I just sent an email and was asked to read some reviews first and then advise them whether I still wanted access. I was told that some users were completely overwhelmed and some even cancelled their orders as a result of reading about some problems which to me are insignificant and often user related compared to the number of machines out there and it is clear that the company provides great service.

    PS it looks like you're 30 ahead of me which makes me jealous


    • Thanks, I'll send through an email.

      Originally posted by barri View Post
      PS it looks like you're 30 ahead of me which makes me jealous
      I guess I was a bit faster on the trigger, but my Breville DB is slowing dying so my hand was forced.


      • Originally posted by david.monagle View Post
        Do you need me to make a request elsewhere? I'm sure my CS username is pretty easy to match with my order..
        Yep, your name was easy to find. Invite coming shortly.

        Originally posted by david.monagle View Post
        Also, on a side note, the queue page is excellent and gives a transparency unmatched by most companies I have dealt with. It makes an 8 week (or so) wait far easier when you can see yourself progressing in the queue.
        Thank you!


        • Reducing milk dilution

          If you scrutinize the steaming chart that Charles made, you'll see that he's tracking dilution.

          What's interesting to me in his results, is that these two settings have near-identical steaming tims (33s vs 35s) but the 2nd one puts 45% more water into your milk to do so.

          165ºC at 0.4ml/s vs 140ºC at 0.6 ml/s. Huge difference in your drink, but likely not noticeable unless you measure everything.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 11.49.18 AM.jpg
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Name:	Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 11.49.31 AM.jpg
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          We're all going to benefit from Charles' meticulous work, by having less dilute, thicker milk drinks.



          • Thomas Storm drew this very fun riff on the Decent Espresso logo.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Evo_D1_ascent_v2 copy.jpg
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            • Great riposte to the more usual 'something, somewhere, went terribly wrong' version of that graphic


              • New "choose a model" page

                I've been slowly working on this for about two months:
                • All new renders for v1.3 machines, and for most v1.1 machines
                • Split screen interface
                • much high quality preview image of machine
                • much better user interface on mobile phones.
                Let me know if you find any bugs!

                Click image for larger version

Name:	model.jpg
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Name:	modelport.png
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                • Works fine John but I'll have to be careful otherwise I'll end up ordering a second machine


                  • Chrome on Android. The model for the white XL v1.3 is slightly larger than all the others (models and v). I seem to be able to scroll an entire screen past the bottom of information on most pages.


                    • Searching for parts on the decent web site

                      You can now easily search for any part that goes into the Decent Espresso machine, as well as all our accessories. There are over 800 different items in our database, so the search feature is will be quite helpful finding just what you need.

                      You can search for any word (or word fragment) in the description, in the SKU, or in the engineering part number.

                      I made a video showing this new feature.

                      After you search, you have the option to:
                      - search for other text (the search button)
                      - show all items available (the round-arrow button)
                      - show your shopping cart (the eraser button)

                      I'm not very happy with my icon choice for those last two operations. If you see a more appropriate icon in the library I'm using please do suggest it to me.



                      • Can I suggest possibly the shopping cart icon to show your shopping cart?

                        And for show all:


                        • Originally posted by level3ninja View Post
                          Can I suggest possibly the shopping cart icon to show your shopping cart?
                          Thanks for your suggestions. I went for the shopping cart icon as you suggested. For "show all" someone else suggested a pile of boxes. So here's what it looks like now:

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 11.23.59 AM.jpg
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                          • Click image for larger version  Name:	21L Factory latest4 copy.jpg Views:	0 Size:	185.1 KB ID:	827717

                            Sweet factory 3D

                            Bugs  has been using the wonderful open source program Sweet Home 3D in cooperation with HK head engineer Johnny Au, to plan the Decent factory expansion. We use the paid version from the Mac App Store that provides more premade objects. The app is Java based, and runs on most OSes. It's a bit quirky, but tremendously powerful.

                            Sweet Home 3D's high quality renders are tremendously helpful, because they are realistic enough that you can imagine yourself in the space, and you then see problems with how things are laid ou.

                            In the graphic above, you can see our original space in the back third of the image. But we do have another space of that size again, where we currently build all the DE1s. The back third is all accessories stocking and boxing (back, left side) and engineer's offices (back, right side).

                            Johnny and Bugs have been going back and forth with revisions to the layout for about 2 months, because we're trialing a number of new ideas. We'd like to be able to grow easily to 2000 machines a year, and we think we have enough capacity to double that, if enough people turn out to want what we make.

                            If you're interested, I'm attaching here the CAD file for our factory. Sweet Home 3D is a free download, so if you're bored, why not download the app and our factory, and have a virtual visit through Decent Espresso's new headquarters?




                            • Click image for larger version

Name:	drip-tray-covers-finally2.jpg
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                              Back in August, we made the painful decision to leave the supplier who was making our drip tray cover. They had cancelled our order right before they were supposed to deliver, knowing that would put us into an impossible position of running out of a key part. They wanted us to suddenly order 20x more than we needed. We weren't happy with their quality in aluminum, so we took the risk to leave them, and redesign the part for stainless steel.

                              Thus started a process of redesigning this part

                              eventually we succeeded, and we had 500pcs of the new tray, for the new v1.3 machines we were making:

                              Today, I received this set of photos from the supplier who is making our new drip tray covers, of lots of covers, that we can very soon send to our v1.0 and v1.1 customers, whose drip tray covers may have tarnished or scratched, as the aluminum was not as long lasting as we'd wished for, 3 years ago.

                              I'm looking forward to having this part of our history, be history.

                              Attached Files


                              • Decent Unboxing Directions

                                Decent Engineer Alex made these IKEA-style directions for unboxing your Decent Espresso Machine. There is an unboxing video that we send when each machine ships, but this 1 page reminder will be included in the suitcase. Not everyone watches the video. Some things it points out, while (mostly) avoiding English
                                • collapse your carton, but please store it, in case you ever need to send the machine to us for repair
                                • how to put the steelie stand on your tablet, and our centering guide
                                • how to put the tablet on your DE1. Some people are confused by how the tablet+stand sits.
                                • how to fill the water ank
                                • how to push the group head handle on, and a basket into the portafilter
                                • how to get electricity, and power on the machine. Some people are confused by having to turn the tablet separately from the DE1.

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	first_time_setup.jpg
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