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Ponte Vecchio Lusso - pressure too low

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  • Ponte Vecchio Lusso - pressure too low

    After descaling my PVL in September, I started having problems with low pressure. The machine would come up to pressure fine (about 1.2 bar), but the pressure started dropping while steaming milk (less than .8 bar). It was more likely to happen after the machine had been on for more than 45 minutes. Here is a link to some photos:
    2016 09 22 PVL pressure problem

    I decided to replace the thermostat / pressurestat. I just did that a week ago, and it seemed to cure the problem - for one day. Then I saw the same low pressure behavior.

    Someone suggested that I check the heating elements (which I will do Friday). I was surprised when I saw the picture at the bottom of this page:

    I'm unsure about what the next step is to fix the problem. I would love to hear if anyone has solved this problem already.

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    Have you fitted your PVL with an anti-vac valve?

    If not, are you bleeding the steam valve to get rid of false pressure?


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      I've been using this machine daily since August 2013, and no big problems until September.

      I don't have an anti-vac valve, but I do relieve the false pressure after warming up for 12 minutes.


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        I could not remove the heating elements to check them. I need to go shopping again for a different sized wrench. I have one that barely fits the space available, but it is too bulky - no room for rotation!


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          I got the wrench before lunch today. Looks like the heating elements are in good shape. Here are some photos from my DropBox folder:
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            You most likely have a leak somewhere, I had a pressure leak after adding 90 degree elbow to pstat had to do it again. Otherwise element is on its way out or possibly brain is dying. Id check all connections


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              Sorry for not following up.

              After a few months of waiting, I finally got the replacement brain unit from back in March 2017. It was pretty simple to replace, and the old one was badly warped. Looked like it got fried somehow.

              When I mentioned that, the folks said I should plug my PVL into a 1,000 joules surge suppressor. I got a 2,000 joules unit for about $20 at amazon:

              It only took me a week to re-learn the drill for making espresso and lattes on my PVL. Surprising how many subtle things I had forgotten, which had become "muscle memory".