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El nuova el cuadre help needed

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  • El nuova el cuadre help needed

    Just picked up used nuova cuadro, v1 I think. I'm having trouble with temp settings. I have checked the brew head temp using multimeter and thermocouple. When temp at the puck is 96, steam for milk wand is minimal. When I adjust the boiler pressure up to get decent steam pressure, brew head temp is way too high and steam at group head just pours out. Help me, is there another adjustment I can make?

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    G'day mate...

    Unfortunately, these machines were known for performing like this...

    The only solution involves the controlling of water flow through the Thermosyphon Loop to obtain the desirable Group Head temperature while maintaining satisfactory Boiler Pressure. A certain amount of fine tuning can be obtained also, by raising/lowering the Upper Water Level Limit too, via the location of the Level Control Probe. The T/syphon loop is the big one though...



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      Cheers, may pass it on to someone with more know how.