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ECM Technika Profi IV water leak

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  • ECM Technika Profi IV water leak

    Hi everyone. Haven't been on hear for ages - busy with other things etc.

    I am hoping someone here can help me out regarding a water leak on my machine.

    Started noticing a wet bench under the ECM a week or so ago. I've taken the back/sides off to try and see where it is coming from and have located the leak coming from the boiler, where what is what I think would be the boiler element. I have been looking for an exploded diagram online but haven't found a clear one. I "think" that there would be a teflon gasket and a copper ring behind the flange when the leak is. It only leaks when the machine is off overnight, so either the pressure when on seals it up again or heat expansion.

    As I live 3hrs from Melb and 5 from Sydney, dropping it to a repairer becomes a bother with freight and being without my machine for probably a week or more (Nooooooooooooo!). So, if that has to be done, so be it. But if it is something I can fix myself that would be great for both time and cost.

    So, is there anything I need to be wary of by undoing the three bolts and replacing the gasket and ring? Am I dreaming that I could do this or would it be fairly straight forward? I'm no technician but not totally hopeless.

    I'll attach a pic to show what's going on.

    Thanks snobbers.
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    G'day Bervy...

    With the power Off and plug removed, have you tried to 'nip up' the bolts a touch?
    Worth doing first before removing parts...



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      Ah. Yes that would be worth trying first. Great suggestion thanks Mal. I'll do that when it's cold. Cheers.
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        Hi Bervy

        I had a water leak problem with my ECM technika Profi iv a few months ago too - was causing the machine to auto switch off.

        Mine is not plumbed in and the leak was from the bottom of the water tank/reservoir - where the outlet is - my outlet is the plastic one and is known to crack and leak. Took 2 visits to the service technicians to identify the problem. Plumbers tape (white tape) fixed it - and no charge.
        Good luck with fixing.


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          Hi Whoosha, yeah mine's not plumbed either. The boiler in the pic is the only place I could spot a leak but you never know. I have tightened the bolts - I didn't want to get too heavy handed in case I snapped of a bolt - but while two were pretty tight, the one at the bottom did nip up half a turn. Overnight tonight will be the test. I'll let you know how I go. Thanks for your input and I will have a close look at the bottom of the reservoir.


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            Happy to report that giving the nuts a tighten did the trick. 2 were pretty snug, but the bottom one, while not loose by any standards, did tighten about half a turn. No more leak. Thanks Mal for the suggestion.


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              Sorry to bump an old thread but.....

              Experiencing a water leak, only when in use. Water pools on bench after a few shots pulled, otherwise no leak when switched off.

              I'm guessing it s probably the fitting on the plastic reserviour. Theres a red o ring, although not broken, could perhaps be a little more tighter fitting.

              Anything else I should be looking for?

              TIA for your help.


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                I had a split in the water tank - I originally thought it was the water coupling and tightened the nylon nut up too hard and split the coupling - double whammy. Also the nut holding the copper pipe to the steam wand/control was loose, allowing water to drip onto the power light!

                My travails here:

                Given the heating and cooling cycle of these machines, it is little wonder that the expansion and contraction of different materials causes movement.