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How to Fix long delay for brew HX refill on a San Marino Compak CK?

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  • How to Fix long delay for brew HX refill on a San Marino Compak CK?

    I have a San Marino Compak CK and wish to descale. Have read the sticky on descaling. Follow this OK, except that the advice to empty descaler from the boiler via the hot water outlet won't work for me because the hot water also runs through its own HX - not just the brew HX. There is no drain plug in the base of the unit either. So my question is: How do I expel all remnants of the descaler from the boiler when there is only one water inlet (at top of boiler) and one outlet (via steam wand and also from top of boiler (of course)?

    Also, any recommendations for descaler, or one's that should be avoided?
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    Why do you want to descale it?


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      After using the hot water nozzle, there is about 5-10sec delay in water flow after then starting pour through groupe. After that delay flow rate seems normal. Temp is low though. Machine hasn't been descaled for a long time.


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        What other reasons could there be for the brew HX not filling immediately after using the hot water HX? The 10-15 sec delay in water flow from the groupe is not preceded or accompanied by steam as one would normally expect with a cooling flush. There is just no flow followed after delay by water flow at 94C. (Initial steam splutter does occur with the hot water HX - about 7_10 secs and 3oz water before water flows normally and without steam etc)

        The same water supply line from pump first fills hot water HX then through T fitting, continues on to fill brew HX. (Photo attached).

        In the photo the brew HX water inlet is bottom and hot water HX is top. Photo taken looking up underneath the machine.
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          Descaling an hx can be a bit of a pain and it's easy to stuff it up. Generally it's not recommended to descale it unless it really needs it.
          I'm not sure if your problem is related to scale but I wouldn't be descaling it just in 's see it's the problem. You could end up dislodging scale and causing a blockage who's might further cause issues.
          Maybe change your thread title to give the symptoms rather than asking about descaling and see if you get more hits.


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            Thanks for the advice, but I can't see an option to change thread title in OP


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              Post what you'd like it changed to and I'll change the title accordingly.

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                Originally posted by Javaphile View Post
                Post what you'd like it changed to and I'll change the title accordingly.
                New Title:

                How to Fix long delay for brew HX refill?

                Many thanks javaphile.