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Expobar Minore IV - good machine or not?

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  • Expobar Minore IV - good machine or not?

    Hey all you expert baristas out there.
    I am looking at upgrading my home coffee set up. I have a Rancilio Silvia that has run (and still runs) beautifully for 10 years, but I am looking at upgrading to a HX or Double boiler. Have a Compak K3 Grinder.

    I have been trawling through the various discussions and reviews trying to decide what to buy.

    I have come across the Expobar Minore IV through a couple of retailers for $2,500. Seems a good price for a double boiler with PID and E61 Groupset. Well known brand, but unknown manufacturing location.....

    Despite my best attempts, I haven't been able to work out where this beast is made? Does anyone know?

    Has anyone out there owned one, reviewed one, or otherwise have an opinion on the quality of the Minore?


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    Hi Marty,

    Many people on here have owned one of these including me. It was my first bigger step up to what i guess you could say is a more serious machine. I did lots of research before buying a machine at this price point. there are many suppliers of this machine in most capital cities throughout Australia. There is also plenty of information on this site about them, put Expobar minore into the search bar and i sure there will be heaps of info to answer your questions.

    As for me i owned my the one i had for 5 years and am happy to say it never once missed a beat. I had it serviced it twice until i worked out how to do it myself and even then still very simple. Some will say on here they dont have the eye appeal some of the other machines do, but that said its personal choice. the temperature is very stable and repeatability of good shots are very achievable in my opinion.

    Kind regards,



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      Hi Marty,

      Expobar are manufactured in Spain.

      Whilst "agricultural", there is nothing wrong with them and if well maintained, you should have a good experience.

      They were known to chew through PIDs, but later models may well be better. Steam performance whilst adequate, could be much better. The issue is very narrow valve diameter. With 2000W being delivered to the steam boiler, it should/could be a monster. Nevertheless, it will do the job.
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