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Stepping up from the Silvia

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  • Stepping up from the Silvia

    Hi Guys,

    I'm sure this is a common one, I've gotten to the point where I'm ready to go for something above the Silvia - I've currently got a V3 with PID. Now I'm here for recommendations.
    As for most people when they go to this point, what I'm looking for is better temperature consistency, and the ability to do milk at the same time. I generally make 4-5 flat whites in the average morning and then a couple of coffees in the afternoon, the silvia is a bit long in the tooth (i'd be better off with a bes920 it feels like).

    I'm thinking that my budget is up to $2000 (but it's not a super hard limit).
    At first I thought I always wanted an E61 machine, but I don't think I want to settle with the warmup times.

    I've been looking at the BZ10, which seems quite nice and warms up quick, I had a play on a friends' one and in the short time of using it I was impressed. I'm not particularly concerned with footprint but I like its relatively compact size.
    All things considered, it might be the machine for me.
    There's the profitec pro 300 as well but I don't have any experience with it.

    Any particular recommendations or thoughts from people who have been in similar situations? Additionally, is there anything new coming around 2018-2019?


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    Warmup times are not a problem with a smart switch using wifi. I can turn my e61 on 45mins out from home for example and have it set to turn on or off at particular times.

    I am loving my E61.

    You will probably read all sorts of stuff. Plenty of gr8 machines about.



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      I’m going to ask the age old question that I was also asked when was asking about my upgrade.
      What grinder do you have and possibly the next question will be are you planning on an upgrading this / budget for grinder upgrade?

      No point funding the shinny new espresso machine and have nothing left for a good grinder as if you can make a decent drink on the Silvia but have a so so grinder the coffee once upgrade the espresso machine will still be so so unless you spread the availible funds into the grinder also.


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        Using a eureka atom at the moment, which was an upgrade from a smart grinder pro to get more mileage out of the silvia.
        I'm happy to spend more money if it warrants but I'm more than happy with the consistency of the grinds I get from it.
        What's the general feeling on the upgrade points?


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          I would think the Atom would be more than enough to handle any machine in the 2-3k price range.

          I recently upgraded to a Bezzera Magica and am loving it - this is coming from ~8years with a Sunbeam 6910 so quite a jump. Warm up times aren't an issue - as others have mentioned I'm using a WiFi plug that turns the machine on half an hour or so before I get up so it's good to go.

          I don't have personal experience with the BZ10 but have generally heard good things and Bezzera have a pretty good reputation on these forums.

          Generally can't go too wrong in the price bracket you're looking at - comes down to size, and your preferences with aesthetics, and budget.


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            It depends also on how you like your coffee. If you love rich full mouthfeel and chocolate aftertaste then you can't go past a quality e61 heat exchanger, avoiding light roasts and using a flat burr grinder than doesn't overheat the coffee. For simplicity a heat exchanger machine with full manual functions is the way to go for longevity and ease of home servicing. If you are into light roasts, nuance over mouthfeel etc, ability to fine tune the machine to.change parameters for each individual roast then a dual boiler PID is the way to go. Having sampled a lot of coffee and the best of both styles I am solidly in the camp of the former.



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              I went from a Silvia V3 with PID and a Rocky doser to a 2nd hand Isomac mondiale e61 HX and a Baratza Sette 270W. I picked up the Mondiale for around a grand and the Sette cost around $600 I believe. Great step up and I'm loving my results now.

              I have a Wemo wifi power plug on my machine and have it wake about 15 mins before my alarm goes off in the morning so its at operating temp by the time I have showered. I can also switch it on via the internet if I'm heading home and think I'll be looking for a coffee.
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                Many years ago went from Silvia/Rocky to Expobar Minore II/Macap M5.
                Found the step up very noticeable in both machine and grinder. Our machine is now nearly 13 years old and still performing well.
                I'd say go for an E61 style. Either HX or Dual Boiler. The longevity makes it worthwhile.
                And as per others, put it on a timer if really worried about warmup times.


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                  I have an Appartamento / Vario combo and they work pretty well (and pretty close to 2000 pricepoint) - warm up time is not an issue when you fit this into your morning routine etc.

                  Good luck !