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Desperate for parts for Breville Oracle BES980XL

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  • Desperate for parts for Breville Oracle BES980XL

    Greetings friends from Vancouver Island - I seek your help please.

    I have a 3 year old Breville Oracle BES980XL. A fairly expensive machine, which now has a main boiler with a cracked seam. It leaks steam everywhere inside.

    Breville Canada cannot (will not) supply a replacement. Breville authorized repair centers cannot fix because they cannot get a replacement boiler. I cannot find a replacement anywhere on the internet.

    Has anyone ran into a similar problem and found a solution?? Where can a replacement be purchased, or is there a different boiler brand that can be substituted with some modification?

    Hope you can help - many thanks if you can. $2800 for only 3 years service hurts.

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    Originally posted by McSmith View Post
    $2800 for only 3 years service hurts.
    It certainly does, good luck with your quest.

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs McSmith.


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      I dont know what the boiler is made of , but could it be welded ?


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        Should be stainless. Is it the steam boiler or is it just steam coming out of the brew boiler?


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          If you google [big warehouse spares Australia "1777118"] remove the square brackets, leave the quotes, you'll find the steam boiler is available for AUD$335.50. Their exploded parts diagram says to replace the boiler proves as well. There are other spare parts websites in Australia where you may find it cheaper, this was just the first one I found. I don't know if they'll ship direct to you or if you'll need to get it sent to an address here first. If you need any help with anything PM me. Noidle22 may be able to get it cheaper and send it to you, he's a repair tech. You'll want to get a quote from a local repair shop for the install as it will quickly add up.