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Rocket mozzafiato evo R hot water

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  • Rocket mozzafiato evo R hot water

    Just upgraded today after using a Nuova Simonelli for I think 8 years ish to a rocket mozzafiato which I’m going to try and get plumbed in on the weekend- after dialing in the grind I had great shots so much so I’ve had 4 more Coffee’s than I would usually haha.
    I did however discover that if I try filling a standard cup with water for a long black or tea etc that the boiler pressure dropped to zero and I had to wait for a while for it to build up again - it only just got over half a cup.
    Is this normal ?

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    Pretty standard with most machines. The hot water tap relies on the overpressure inside the boiler to eject the hot water, which occurs when the boiler temp is >100C.

    Once you start pulling hot water, the refill process kicks in and cold water enters, which dramatically lowers the temp. The pressure disappears fairly quickly.

    If you need more than half a cup, switch the machine off, pull all the hot water you need, then switch back on. This delays the refill.

    Then give it a minute or two to recover temp/pressure.


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      Is there any reason not to take hot water from the brew head instead of the boiler water?

      My Musica hot water comes through the hx and is pumped, so much better setup, I think.

      Otherwise, for a long black. I take my filtered softened water from the fridge water, and steam it hot (then drop my shot on the top). Amilk thermometer is handy the first few times, but then you can pick the temp by ear after a few goes


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        Ah thx for the info, happy it is working properly then- just time to get used to the new normals.


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          There is one benefit - if you don’t run the hot water nozzle regularly it will seize up and stop working. Definitely don’t do it before making a coffee, do it after and it doesn’t matter if it takes some time to get the boiler back up to speed