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Expobar Office Lever - Service/Repair or Replace

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  • Expobar Office Lever - Service/Repair or Replace


    I have a 2010 Expobar Office Lever which isn't soo happy anymore - the Hot Water wand does nothing so no water seems to be getting into that side of things.
    The rest of it works but it is overheating, it no longer cuts out when it gets to the red section just keeps on going and is quite concerning if you are in the other room and don't realise as then it overheats and steam goes everywhere and makes a loud noise when it releases pressure - which isn't stopping it from overheating so you have to babysit it when you want to use it.
    Obviously it needs to go into the shop but I am curious to know if anyone has any idea what these sort of issues will cost to repair and if the machine is closing in on 10years is it time to think about replacing it? If so I would like to have the plumbed option as I do find it a nuisance when it runs out of water. Any recommendations for similar price point?


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    Expobar Office Lever - Service/Repair or Replace

    My 12 yo Expobar Minore II had a similar problem, where the steam boiler would keep heating past 1.5 bar and the overpressure valve would start popping.

    I took it apart and turned the pressurestat adjustment back and forth a few times and then checked it and this temporarily fixed the issue (for about a week). So I ended up replacing the pressurestat ($50).

    10 years is pretty common to have to replace the pressurestat I think and for $45-$50 it is an easy DIY fix.

    Not sure about the hot water wand not working. Does the steam wand still work? If so, then the hot water tap could be blocked or broken. Others may have a better idea about this.


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      Pretty much exactly the same scenario for me recently. Our Minore II is 13 years old. 2 weeks ago had the overheating and the OPV releasing. Quite a shock if you've never heard it go off before.
      Some quick youtube - made sure the power was disconnected and took off the back. Got to the pressurestat and tried the adjustment fix - no luck.
      Removed pressurestat and soaked in some cleaner for 10 mins, rinsed and replaced. Worked.
      As with dischucker, I don't think it's a permanent solution so I have ordered a replacement as well.

      I don't really use the hot water wand enough to know if it is related. Service usually costs an initial figure plus extra parts. I know sponsor Coffee-a-Roma list the price on their web page. Should give you an idea.



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        Thanks guys, now where do you get the pressurestat from? Is it generic or specific model to the Lever?
        Normal Milk Wand works fine, just the hot water one - but like Brett I don't use it so if I can get the pressurestat sorted that would be amazing.


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          Well I am no expert on machine fixing. There are a number of models of pressurestats around and I didn't want to risk getting one that didn't fit, so I have made every effort to replace like for like.
          This is what mine looks like.
          Click image for larger version

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          I had no luck on Coffee Parts site as they do not seem to carry Expobar stuff anymore.

          Jetblack look like they have them (no picture though), so perhaps call them to double check.



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            Hot water is probably a solenoid.
            Not sure if they run brew water or boiler water out the hot water wand


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              Yep, this is the one: