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Anyone else ramping down pressure?

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    Using my current machine - Lelit Bianca - to do this very thing and loving it.



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      Originally posted by DamianB View Post
      Depends what you refer to as preinfusion, the term is mostly miss used IMO.
      Pre, meaning prior to infusion, is the action of adding water prior to it soaking into or infusing the grinds.
      Preinfusion in this respect has no impact on puck compression, hence grind size. But a fast preinfusion can help with a more even infusion, extraction, less channeling.
      But if your referring to infusion as preinfusion, then you are correct, a slow infusion time, and even a pause can increase flavours and yield %. And a slower time from preinfusion to max pressure will compact the puck less, giving less puck resistance, mean a faster flow or allow a finer grind for the same flow rate.
      In my experience, a finer grind isn’t always better, at a point, going finer starts to looses flavour and body. In saying that, the ideal grind for me is quite fine.
      My understanding of the term preinfusion has always been infusion/damping of the puck under low pressure prior to extraction, after the predetermined time, let the extraction begin.

      If we want to be pedantic I guess we could say that the word predetermined refers to an act that takes place prior to it being determined.


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        I think the majority have the same interpretation. The problem for me is, it creates confusing discussions.
        For you it may seem pedantic, for me it is not so minor.
        The process proir to rise to pressure has two very individual steps, which have very different influences, either of which have probably more impact on the resulting extraction than any other part of the proceedure.


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          The slow ramp up of the Expobar that saturates the cake/puck is what sold me on the Expobar.

          I was about to purchase a Rocket Appartomento when I used both and preferred the Expobar taste, same grinder, same beans (the $500 saving and the toned down brand advertising was a bonus).
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