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Vibiemme Domobar steam issue

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  • Vibiemme Domobar steam issue

    When i turn the steam tap on it runs for a little bit and then slowly stops, and you have to open the tap some more. Eventually you get to the point where the tap is fully open yet no steam is coming out. If you close the tap and reopen it, it will repeat the process. I have tried swapping the steam tap stem with the hot water tap stem and it does the same thing. There is no blockage in the the wand.

    I have rebuilt this machine from the ground up part by part so am very familiar with its inner workings. Its not a scale issues as i have descaled every pipe and the boiler individually, its completely immaculate internally.
    The closest i can think of is some kind of thermal expansion happening inside the valve which is causing the stem to expand to the point where even when fully open its still blocking the flow. Or could my aftermarket silicon rubber valve seats be the issue?


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    Anthomy; it coulfd be that your tap seal has expand and is steaking, suggestion take our the steam rod and check
    Also could be the steam valve red silicome tap seal is broken and is creating the blockage, you may need to take the whole valve apart and check