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  • Quietest vibe pump machine

    Hi all looking for advice on which machines now have the quietest vibe pump.

    - I don’t plan on plumbing in but quietness is important
    - I was shocked at the difference in noise from vibe pumps across the Rocket range (Apartmento much louder than Giotto)
    - found the ECM/Di Bartoli vibe pump Lumina to be similar in volume to the Rocket R versions
    - if I can save $300 by not going rotary pump machines I’ll likely spend it on wood bling

    My current machine is a VBM jnr and absolutely nothing wrong but it is a little loud and I burn my hands every now and then - prefer a little more useable space.

    Thanks, Alex

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    I hear the ECM and Profitec options have minimised vibe pump noise.

    Probably worth checking out in person to see what the Pro 500 is like and compare with others. Check reviews online.


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      Not hard to quieten pumps down though...



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        The pumps are likely all the same make/model, perhaps there is some variance between individual samples? The "quiteness" comes from good mountings and also isolation of input/output pipes. These things vibrate when working (yes its obvious as its a vibe pump!!) and when you see one working you appreciate the magnitude. Its how the mounting is resolved and what it is mounted to (as well as the pipes/tubes) that has a big effect on final outcome.

        $300 is not too bad to get the rotary, usually also gives you plumbed in option if you ever go that way, and the machines do feel and sound much more refined. The pumps and motors are also way over engineered for the application, should last for many years. Worth thinking about.



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          Thanks all. The Profitec 500 is a little tainted for me given the excessive peddling that used to occur around the machine.

          As Artman said $300 for rotary is probably a good idea in the long run. I’ll stick to what I can get locally.


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            Hi Alex
            ive got a DiBortoli lumina (ECM mechanica) and really happy with it. Quite (I’ve had a rocket rotary pump machine previously which was quiter but not a huge difference) enough for me not to be worried about the noise. Quality seems really good. My only small issue is the water level will stop the machine and the boiler stops heating so you lose steam. Nothing abnormal but wish there was a low water warning prior to the machine cutting off / stop heating the boiler. This is just an ECM thing though.
            Found Renso really helpful and be happy to go back for next purchase.


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              Thanks MB21. The DiBartoli ECM is a very hard machine to go past, particularly given its on sale atm