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Pump not working autofill

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  • Pump not working autofill

    I am trying to get an 1987 vibiemme to work.
    When the waterlevel is too low:The pump doesnt engage. The water level sensor (rod) is clean. The solenoid/one way valve opens up.

    The pump itself works during brewing.
    It might be the gicar control box (autofill type). How can I check this?Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

    Best regards, Willem

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    Try playing 'We Built This City' while working?


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      Disconnect the wire from spade 4* on the controller and short the spade to ground using a test lead. If the pump runs the fault is in the wiring. If the pump does not run the fault is in the controller.

      * Double check that spade 4 is the level control, it looks to be but I'm not familiar with that particular controller.
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        Tried the song. Unfortuntely no luck.
        The grounding wire method is the other way around. Grounding on spade 4 should stop the pump. Tried that already, the pump won't start. So which terminal on the controller box triggers the pump?


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          Yes I wrote that the wrong way around, of course grounding the spade is the "full" signal. Sorry for the confusion.

          There is no single answer to your question as the pump relay is controlled by the microcontroller. If you can follow the traces on the PCB you can do some testing but the fact that the pump works when pulling a shot makes it likely that the uc is playing up.
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            I've replaced the controlbox with a new one. no result. The pump doesn't start when the water level probe is detached or water level is too low.
            I'm trying to figure where the pump gets its 230V from when autofill is needed?

            I cant find a wire from the black box to the pump motor? So what triggers the motor?
            The one-way valve is getting 230V when the water level probe is detached. But no wire runs from the valve to the pump motor.
            So how does this work?


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              Is 1*2 the pump?