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Looking for La Nuova Era control box

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  • Looking for La Nuova Era control box

    Hi all, first post on CS so direct me to the right place or previous threads if needed.

    I recently purchased a dead La Nuova Era Cuadra to fix up and I'm searching for anyone that might have a auto-fill control box lying around (yes, can buy new from machine service providers, but $250+). I came across an old thread where A_M had been repairing Gicar boxes, but I believe he is no longer on CS.

    The controller is an older model - Autolivello L1. A basic Gicar box (NRL30?) should do the same job - this machine has only one probe input for boiler water level, so the second probe input on the NRL30 could be left disconnected without issue (I think). If you have a non-working box that needs a simple part replacement I am comfortable with doing that.

    Any help appreciated!


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    Welcome to coffee snobs!

    I have handled a couple of those machines, I think from memory the importer/distributor is based out of Qld and based on my interactions were not very helpful. I think due to the low volumes of this machine the parts can be very expensive. I can't link as they are not a CS sponsor. This was a few years ago so may well have changed it terms of pricing and support.

    I sold a busted one to a coffee technician is Tasmania who was importing his parts directly from Italy at prices which were about 20-30% of the cost of parts in Australia.

    If you want I can drop you the contact details they may even has some parts as they have fixed/refurb 3-4 units of this machine (send me a PM).


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      Thanks that would be very helpful. I'll send you a PM

      To give them credit, the QLD distributor got back to me via email within a few hours and have parts in stock - and the price of the control box is on par with other models from other distributors. But being such a simple circuit I would rather fix one up or find a refurbished one.


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        They weren’t a big volume machine in aus so the chance of finding a second hand unit is slim given the board dying was often the reason they were scrapped, I got my board for la Nuova Alexa from the guys in tas cheaper for sure but as they wait until they have enough for an order the time can vary, if you know what you are doing you can also wire in other controllers which is what I did until my board arrived.