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  • New rocket timers

    Seattle coffee gear just released a video showing a new range of rocket machines with an inbuilt shot timer on the left hand side of the face of the machine.

    As much as I love the clean design of the rockets I've been disuaded by the lack of shot timer but these look pretty cool. Have only seen the Evoluzione models, no r58 sadly with this yet but would like to.

    Not sure who the main importer for rocket in aus is but would be interested to see when they will have these available for order.

    Vid for reference

    Let me know your thoughts.


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    I like it, fits the minimalist classic design of the machine. Having a shot clock isn't a necessity but it's nice to have as a reference. Not sure if the shot clock is worth the enforced eco mode 90 min turn off though.


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      Just looking at the video it looks a bit small in terms of screen number size. But I agree it doesn't take away from the classic design. But the machines with a PID display which also doubles as a shot clock tends to have a bigger number display.

      Also does it start on the end or pre-infusion or immediately when you pull your level to start the shot?

      I remember using a Sunbeam Torino for a month or two and the shot timer was a great feature. Otherwise the machine gets panned but it had a nice big shot timer.


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        From the video it looks like it starts with the pump, which makes sense from them not needing to add an additional sensor to detect when the lever is in the prewet position just using the existing pump run signal to start and stop the timer.


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          Gail has a very light tamp!
          Also, bit low on brew pressure I think.

          Also (2nd also..) pid on a hx machine. Goes against some of the purists thoughts that they are a waste on a hx machine.
          The girls mentioned a table in the manual to convert pid temp to group temp. Do we have a copy of this table? It's certainly not a linear relationship


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            Re the timer, have to say I'm completely underwhelmed, my first impression was of a programmable shot clock device, perhaps useful to some, in reality its simply a countdown timer that doesn't even go ping.

            I do the same with a sweep second hand on a small clock sitting just above my machine, it also tells me the current time.


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              The Dual boiler (R58) and HX (Giotto / Mozzafiato) models have different conversion

              Dual Boiler version
              Click image for larger version

Name:	764C2329-FE9E-4804-A634-1061554D483D.jpeg
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Size:	203.0 KB
ID:	750395

              HX Version
              Click image for larger version

Name:	64A7FB49-8A67-4904-9D06-AE1DE23659DC.jpeg
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Size:	142.7 KB
ID:	750397

              I also thought the brew pressure was rather low. The steam pressure seemed to drop more then I thought it would during steaming that small amount of milk. Is that normal, a 110v machine trait or something else?


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                That's a nice addition. Guess having a stop watch will also do a job